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Evolve Introduces Equicart, a Ground-Breaking Bone and Joint supplement

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Phoenix-based Evolve introduces Equicart, a powerful 2-step health and repair system for equine joints. Featuring pure, human grade shark cartilage from the arctic waters of Japan, the most potent shark cartilage in the world, Equicart separates itself from all other equine joint products on the market by offering a new clinical approach to joint health and repair.

Step 1: The superior grade shark cartilage in Equicart inhibits the formation of new blood vessels in the joint (which produce inflammation) prohibiting further damage to the joint.

Step-2 Once inflammation is halted, shark cartilage is high in glycosaminoglycans that can help the body repair damaged joints, allowing for regeneration of soft tissue and cartilage renewal. Equicart also includes pure, human grade: glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, bosweilia, and hyaluronic acid, offering a balanced and powerful combination of cartilage building agents. Equicart is flavored with organic wheat grass and features NO additives.

Alternative to “Bute” therapy- with no side effects.

Backed by clinical research, Equicart is a strong anti-inflammatory and offers a natural alternative to the pain relief and anti-inflammatory promise of “bute.” Most importantly, Equicart does not adversely affect the horse’s digestive system. Equicart can be used long term to support joint health over the lifetime of individual horses.

United States and international clinical studies on animals and in-field trials with racetracks and select training facilities show “stunning” and “impressive” results. Equicart formula was used successfully in the 1996 Olympics Hunter/Jumper, and is endorsed by both the American and British Jockey club for its success in treating bone and joint inflammation.

Equicart is manufactured and distributed by Phoenix-based Evolve, creators of The Connection Principle, which connects humans and their horses on all levels. Evolve promotes a nutritional connection between horse owners and their horses by offering supplements manufactured with human grade ingredients. Says Joe Kolinksy from Evolve: “We believe that horse owners would readily give their animals the superior quality ingredients that they take in their daily multi-vitamins… if it was available. And with Evolve, now it is.”

Evolve uses only the finest USP certified human grade raw materials from reputable suppliers to insure their potency and overall quality. All Evolve products are subject to the highest standard of quality control using established industry protocols and available testing methods.

Look for Equicart at these local tack stores: Three Bars Feed and Tack- New River, Dynamite Horseman Supply- Cave Creek, C& H Hay Barn, Black Mountain Feed, Pet Food Depot, Tack Etcetera, Pampered Horse and Rider, Western Ranchman Store And Tatum Drugs.

For more information on Evolve and their innovative new products, contact Joe Kolinksy at 562-889-3893 or or Leslie Nichols at 602-571-7121 or

Evolve is the creator “The Connection Principle™,” a philosophy that promotes the connection between humans and their animals an all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.