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Going "GREEN" Is What Natures Balance Care Has Been Providing for 16 Years

WHolistic Horsemanship with Missy Wryn

Long before "Green" was mainstream Natures Balance Care was providing all natural, organic approved fly control and skin care products for the horse and organic livestock industries and now they've added dogs to the list. "We are so excited and pumped that "Green" has finally gone mainstream", says Missy Wryn, CEO of Natures Balance Care. "I started this company over 16 years ago when I discovered that "all natural" really wasn't as safe as I was led to believe. Missy goes on to explain "There are so many "all natural" products on the market today which bring a sense of safety to the consumer, but CONSUMER BEWARE. All natural does not necessarily mean the product is safe or non-toxic! When reviewing fly control product labels many have Pyrethrum Pyrethrin, Permethrin, or Resmethrin, which are derived from the Chrysanthemum plant so sure the government agencies like the EPA allows the labeling of the chemicals to have "all natural" displayed, but they are still neurotoxic chemicals designed to kill insects. You know when you think about it Arsenic is natural too.... Many of our customers are former Pyrethrum users after experiencing side effects from exposure such as headaches, nausea, rashes and heart palpitations. I even had one customer tell me that she would hide in her tack room when her automatic barn spray system went off. Now that's a red flag to me if I feel I need to hide from getting the "all natural" Pyrethrum chemical on me. Imagine how horses must feel physically when exposed to these chemicals and no wonder some horses are difficult to spray, and I'm not talking about the typical spooky horse that just needs some desensitizing. As a horse owner, a business owner and a steward of my little piece of land it is my responsibility to keep my horses, family, employees and my environment safe and healthy. My hope is that consumers continue demanding from business owners and manufacturers truly safer and healthier alternatives and to tell the TRUTH. AND please keep demanding reusable, recyclable materials. At Natures Balance Care even our packing peanuts are made of starch so they are water soluble and biodegradable. The smallest of changes can be the biggest when BIG business is on board. Never stop seeking the Truth".

Natures Balance Care manufactures the following products:

Bare Skin Barrier™ OMRI approved for the relief of biting flies from chest to tail, stops stomping, protect wounds and sore from flies, protects ears, relieves plaque and is safe for foals and lactating mares.

Groomer™ OMRI approved skin and wound scrub with natural anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties.

Hot Spot KIT™ for Dogs for the relief of itchy raw skin conditions, eczema, allergic reactions to fleas, plus flea and insect repellent without chemical pesticides, insecticides or steroids.

To learn more about Natures Balance Care all natural, OMRI approved horse, barn and dog care products visit, or call for a FREE catalog 1-866-821-0374. Ask for it at your local feed, tack and pet stores. Resale inquires welcome.

Missy Wryn is CEO, owner and founder of Natures Balance Care since 1994 and founder of Training the Whole Horse® WHolistic Horsemanship plus inventor of the ALL-IN-ONE Training Halter Bitless Bridle. Visit to learn more about Missy's unique horse training methods, schedule of presentations and clinics across the country, her training DVD's, tack and equipment. For further information and high resolution pictures call 1-866-821-0374