Horse Tack Review

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Are You Ready to Take the Leather CPR Challenge?

Horse Tack

Try Leather CPR® Cleaner & Conditioner in the new single-use packet and compare the results to the leather products you are currently using. The new 1.5-ounce packet contains plenty of Leather CPR® to clean an entire saddle or a pair of boots. Just wipe Leather CPR® on and it instantly dissolves dirt, sweat and grime.

“Leather CPR® is the only one-step leather cleaner and conditioner in a convenient, single-use packet,” said Alyssa Barngrover, product manager for Farnam’s equine grooming products. “The single-use packet provides equestrians the opportunity to try Leather CPR® and compare the results to the products they are currently using.”

Leather needs special care; cleaning and conditioning will prolong the life of your leather. Made with the finest ingredients available, Leather CPR® can be used on all equestrian tack, even tooled leather. It is ideal for equestrian tack, leather jackets, upholstery, shoes, boots, belts and other leather items of any color.

“Equestrians want their leather tack to look its best when they are competing, in addition to a leather care product that is fast, easy and convenient to use,” said Barngrover. “Leather CPR® provides the high quality results competitors are looking for, and the single-use packet provides the ease and portability they need when spending time on the road.”

Leather CPR® softens stiff new leather and brings neglected leather back to life with natural conditioners that penetrate leather to restore suppleness. Its rich, creamy formula leaves no greasy residue.

“Cleaning tack can be rough on the hands, but Leather CPR® is dermatologist tested and does not irritate skin*,” Barngrover added.

Leather CPR® Cleaner & Conditioner is also available in 8-ounce and 16-ounce jars, an 18-ounce bottle, a 12.8-ounce refillable hanging squeeze bottle, plus an economic 32-ounce size for the equine professional.

Watch the powerful cleaning abilities of Leather CPR® by visiting:

Leather CPR® also offers boot polishes to enhance your leather. They cover scuffs and scratches, and provide a lustrous shine without buffing. Available in black or neutral, these high-quality boot polishes dry instantly to seal and protect the finish.

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Leather CPR® Brings Leather Back to Life