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Horse Tack Review Partners with Koda's Kookies

Horse Tack Review Staff

Koda's Kookies has recently launched their website for online shopping. Specializing in homemade, natural dog treats, Koda's Kookies will soon be adding a retail portion for visitors. (Maybe a section for horse treats too!) Horse Tack Review has partnered with Koda's Kookies for their charitable donations. Each month Koda's Kookies will be selecting a different animal charity for their donation. For the month of June, Horse Tack Review will be matching their donation. June's charity is the James Fair Animal Care Fund.

About Koda's Kookies

Schonkoda vom Amor (aka Koda), was the inspiration for Koda's Kookies. A very intelligent, and very self-centered German Shepherd, Koda has the taste for the finer things in life. At a mere 9 months old, she had already informed us she would not stand for a store bought, off the shelf dog treat. She demanded an alternative, to which we ultimately gave in.

After the hunt for an inexpensive, healthy and tasty dog treat came up short, we began to bake homemade biscuits and treats for Koda. After a while, we began to share with friend's and family's dogs who then began to request more! Their dogs were begging for them!

Our dog treats are made to order from all natural, human grade ingredients. We test each on both dogs and humans. Would you give your dog something you would not eat yourself? We sure wouldn't. All of our treats are available wheat free for any of you special needs friends too, just ask!