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English Riding Supply is proud to announce: F.E.I . Approval of KY Rotary Bits in Dressage Competition

Dressage Tack

As of January 1, 2009 the Fẻdẻration Equestre Internationale, which governs international equine competitions, has approved 15 different KY Rotary ™ single and double jointed bridoons and snaffle bits for use in Dressage competition.

KY Rotary ™ company has mastered how to make a jointed bit with less bulk, allowing more freedom of movement of the horses tongue with less painful pressure, by using technology first used in human joint replacements.

The center ball swivel joint is noiseless and prevents painful pinching of the horse’s tongue and lips. The riders control is improved, as both sides of the bits are equal length. The smooth center ball joint allows the rider to communicate clearly with one side of the bit at time.

KY Rotary™ bits are also available in hunter and jumper styles as well as the FEI approved dressage versions.

English Riding Supply is the exclusive KY Rotary ™ bit distributor for the United States.

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Note: Photos shows only a few of the KY bits. The bits will have an FEI approved sticker to identify them.