Horse Tack Review

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Jane Scaletta

Kimbo's First Horse Show - a delightful children's full color illustrated book is available for sale at most book stores and online at popular websites like, Barnes and Nobles, Borders, Waldenbooks and more. Children who love animals, especially horses, will love the Kimbo stories. The colorful illustrations effectively complement the text and are delightful as these fun-loving, believable characters come to life on each page.

The author defines some important concepts for young children, such as politeness, friendship, dedication, trust and the rewarding results of hard work. Children can relate to the choice that Kimbo has to make between spending time with his best friends, or working hard to prepare for his first horse show. The story unfolds from the point of view of Kimbo, so we are drawn into a tale of reaching out to your friends for a little help.

Kimbo and his friends are wonderful characters for young readers. With little birds that hide and flutter on each page,, to colorful characters and learning experiences. Buy a copy of Kimbo's First Horse Show and experience the wonderful world of Kimbo and his friends.

Jane Scaletta - the author of Kimbo's First Horse Show loves horses. From the first time Jane sat on a big white stallion at the age of three at her uncle’s racehorse farm in Jamaica, she became hooked on horses. She loves to share her passion of horses with her family and friends. She has an Arabian horse named Shuruk.

Julia "Jools" Theriault - Illustrator of Kimbo's First Horse Show is absolutely talented. Julia's artistic ability was obvious from a very early age. From scribbling on the walls, to sitting for ages copying a picture out of a book. Her genius for taking a subject and characterizing it into a drawing is remarkable.