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Grooming Tip for Achieving the Premium Show Coat

Horse Fly Sheets

Did you know that the Durvet-Kensington Premium Protective Fly Sheet can give your horse a natural show coat without using any harmful chemicals on a day to day basis and prevents your horses coat from fading in day to day turn out conditions?

The US patented Textilene Mesh is the reason why. The mesh is 78% air permeable, which allows maximum breathability. The 17 X 11 Textilene Mesh curries the horses coat during trailering, stall time or turnout unlike traditional nylon sheets. It also provides your horse with a 73% UV protection. The sheet helps to clean and shine the coat achieving the ultimate show appearance. By leaving this sheet on your horse 24/7 you will experience what thousands of Kensington customers experience on a daily basis.

Donít forget Kensington offers a Lifetime Customer Satisfaction Guarantee which means that this sheet will be around for many years to come especially since it is made of Textilene which has a 1000x2000 denier ripstop that makes it the strongest material on the market today. The Durvet-Kensington Premium Protective Fly Sheet is one of the best investments and easiest grooming tools you will find to achieve that premium show coat on your horses.

Durvet also offers protective fly masks and grooming totes to match the protective fly sheet. Go to for all your equine needs. Be sure to ask for Durvet products in your local feed, farm and tack stores.

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