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Vita Flex Nutrition Pioneers a Totally New Way to Manage Equine Inflammation

Horse Health

Maintaining healthy joints is one of the largest challenges horse owners face when caring for their horse. Whether training a performance horse for competition, or riding an older horse down a rugged trail, considerable stress is placed on his joints when shifting his center of gravity to execute complex maneuvers.

Vita Flex Nutrition introduces new Equinyl™ to help manage the inflammation associated with training and competition without gastrointestinal side effects.

Equinyl™ Combo delivers higher levels of active ingredients in the combinations horse owners want. Equinyl™ Combo contains a patented ingredient, ComfortX™, also known as MicroLactin®*, which has a unique mode of action that works with the body’s own natural recovery process to help manage inflammation and maintain healthy joints. This fully loaded product also has a new, patent pending two-phase glucosamine release system along with MSM, Ester-C® and Chondroitin Sulfate.

ComfortX™ works by suppressing the ability of neutrophils, a type of white blood cell, to migrate and attach to the site of the inflammation. ComfortX™ helps control inflammation earlier in the process and its mode of action is separate and distinct from COX inhibitors so no evidence of gastrointestinal irritation has been found.

The two phase glucosamine release system in new Equinyl™ Combo contains regular glucosamine which provides an immediate supply of glucosamine HCI while the second form, a patent pending time release glucosamine, releases glucosamine over 24 hours, 24x longer than normal glucosamine**. Glucosamine helps maintain the synovial fluid that lubricates the joints.

Vita Flex offers Equinyl™ in four new formulas; Equinyl™ Combo, Equinyl™ Combo with Hyaluronic Acid, Equinyl™ Glucosamine and Equinyl™ Glucosamine with Hyaluronic Acid.

Equinyl™ proudly carries the National Animal Supplement (NASC) Quality Seal on the label. To qualify to display the seal, member suppliers must pass an independent quality audit, follow documented quality control processes, follow label guidelines, include warning statements and report any adverse events.

About Vita Flex

Vita Flex Nutrition, a leading supplier of advanced performance products for horses, continuously researches and tests new and existing products to offer a full range of supplements formulated specifically to optimize the health and performance of your horse. Vita Flex® products are used and endorsed by many of America's best riders, and are recommended by respected veterinarians around the world. For more information about Vita Flex Nutrition products call toll free at (800) 848-2359 or visit

Vita Flex Nutrition — Improving Health and Performance Through Advances in Science

MicroLactin is a registered trademark of Stolle Milk Biologics, Inc. (SMBI)

Ester-C is a licensed trademark of Zila Nutraceuticals, Inc. and manufactured under U.S patents 5,070,085 and 6,197,815.

* Through more than 30 years of research and development, MicroLactin® has been studied in numerous clinical trials which are available on line at

** Number of hours to release more than 90% of ingredient as measured by in vitro dissolution studies. Data on file.