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Vita Flex Nutrition Introduces Muscle Fortifier

Horse Supplements

Finally, A Comprehensive Approach to Equine Muscle Health - Performance horse owners know that rapid muscle recovery and normal lactic acid levels are critical for horses in intense training and competition. To meet this need, Vita Flex developed Muscle Fortifier™, a complete muscular system support product for horse owners looking for that competitive edge.

Muscle Fortifier™ is the only comprehensive muscle health supplement for horses that combines ingredients for: healthy muscle function and metabolism, normal nerve transmission and circulatory function, proper oxygen utilization and muscle recovery as well as maintaining normal ionic balance and electrolyte levels.

“Muscle Fortifier™ is perfect for horses who are feeling the strain of intense training and competition,” said Allyson St. Vincent, brand manager for Vita Flex Nutrition. “The horse racing industry is already talking about this unique approach to muscle health. Just two ounces of this highly palatable powder each day for athletic performance will provide you and your horse with that extra edge in competition.”

Muscle Fortifier™ proudly carries the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) Quality Seal on the label. To qualify to display the seal, member suppliers must pass an independent quality audit, follow documented quality control processes, follow label guidelines, include warning statements and report any adverse events.

Find out more about Muscle Fortifier™ at or visit your Vita Flex® dealer.

About Vita Flex

Vita Flex Nutrition is a leading supplier of advanced performance products for horses. Vita Flex products are used and endorsed by many of America's best riders, and are recommended by respected veterinarians around the world. For more information about Vita Flex Nutrition products call toll free at (800) 848-2359 or visit

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