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Horse Tack Review Visits Bright Futures Farm

Horse Tack Review Staff

Bright Futures Farm is a horse rescue and sanctuary located in Spartansburg, Pennsylvania. It was established by Beverlee Dee with a focus to rehab, reschool and rehome horses in need. Their predominant focus is Thoroughbred racehorses that no longer race... although, they accept all breeds. If you ask Bev how she founded Bright Futures, she’ll tell you she didn’t! Bright Futures real founder was a horse named Bright Decision (top left).

Brite earned $149,913 during his racing career, running a total of 71 times in 5 1/2 years with 19 firsts, 12 seconds and 9 third place finishes. He had 10 owners in his short career which meant, at the very least, ten different trainers, exercise riders and jockeys. He had to constantly adjust to change, new training methods, new handlers and surroundings. He gave his very best every time he ran and it's quite obvious he had heart, or he wouldn’t have raced for so long.

Brite ran because he loved to. Because he was consistent at the lower level claiming ranks, person after person continued to apply band aids to injuries and run him - hoping he'd continue to do well.

He didn't. When Bev found him at a rescue he was thin from pain and barely able to walk. He had abscesses in both front feet, fractures in three ankles, and arthritis in all four - from racing. This, at only nine years old. With great effort, Brite walked from the back of his stall to the front, when Bev stopped to look at him. He had a very kind eye, and they immediately connected. She asked about him. The individual she spoke with wasn't sure what was wrong with him. She asked if she could adopt him, and was advised two veterinarians had already suggested he be put down. The woman said to Bev, "Take him." It was clear there was no guarantee he'd survive, but Bev knew at the least, she had to find out what was wrong, and if it was fixable.

With some TLC and a little thing called “A Mustang Trim,” within one year Brite was sound other than slight arthritis in one ankle. Several years later you can still find Brite on the farm, babysitting the new horses as they arrive, helping them cope to their new surroundings, letting them know… it’s ok now. You’re safe and no one will hurt you anymore.

The goal of Bright Futures is to find homes for horses that have the potential for a new career as a trail horse or family pleasure mount, or even simply as a companion. Their focus is to save as many horses as they can before they are faced with neglect or auction. Some are placed in foster care while being rehabbed, while others are retired to the farm’s sanctuary. Bright Futures has become the permanent residence of several equine celebrities including Fast Markie. (top right) Markie has the distinction of being the last known son of the infamous Secretariat to race. Two of the four famous “G’s” make Bright Futures their home as well (bottom left). The Gelderlander brothers Zorro and Ziezo have fond memories of their celebrity status in the world of Driving and Fine Harness. Walter and Victor have sadly passed.

Congratulations Bright Futures on the birth of their new colt (bottom right)! Born 06/24/08 to a mare who had been rescued from slaughter just one week prior!

Please join Horse Tack Review in supporting Bright Futures Farm.

You can visit them at for more information on any of their horses available for adoption as well as how you can help!