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Kiss Flies Good Bye . . . Naturally with Equisectt Fly Repellent for Horses, Ponies, Dogs and Cats

Fly Control

Horse owners are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their product choices and are asking for natural products. But when it comes to fly repellents, let’s face it, you also want something that is really going to work. Now you can have BOTH!

Equisect™ Fly Repellent is very different from other natural fly sprays on the market because it contains an exclusive, botanically-derived active ingredient called PyGanic®. This active ingredient is widely used in organic farming, where health and safety are key concerns, to protect crops from insects that may be harmful and destructive. It is the only fly repellent on the market approved by both the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use on horses, ponies, dogs and cats.

Not only does the Equisect™ formula include the active ingredient PyGanic®, which is organically derived from Chrysanthemum flowers, but also a blend of botanical and essential oils including citronella, clove stem, thyme and corn mint.

Studies show Equisect™ is proven to outperform other leading natural fly sprays*. It is the first and only natural fly spray that really works to combat five of the most annoying species of flies — guaranteed to kill and repel horn, stable, house, horse and deer flies plus gnats, mosquitoes, ticks and blood-sucking lice on horses, ponies, dogs and cats.

Equisect™ may be used as a spray or a wipe on horses and ponies. When sprayed on dogs and cats it is also effective against fleas and ticks and may be used as a premise spray to treat pet bedding and other pest infested areas.

Over the past six decades, Farnam Companies, Inc., has grown to one of the most widely recognized names in the animal health products industry and has become one of the largest marketers of equine products in the country. No one knows horses better than Farnam. That’s why no one offers a more complete selection of horse care products. Farnam’s Horse Products serve both the pleasure horse and the performance horse markets with products for fly control, hoof and leg care, grooming, wound treatment, leather care supplies, plus feed and nutritional supplements. For information about Farnam Horse Products, in the U.S. call toll free at (800) 234-2269 or visit

Farnam – Your Partner in Horse Care

* Data on file

PyGanic is a registered trademark of McLaughlin Gormley King Co.