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Ground Training is the Key to Reading the Horse and Overcoming Fears

Lynn Palm Tip of the Month

Observing the horse on the ground gives a rider the tools to read her horse. A rider uses her eyes to interpret what the horse is thinking by watching his eyes, ears, tail, breathing, skin and overall body more easily then when riding. A rider can also learn more about her horse’s personality, sensitivity, fitness, energy, response or moods such as confidence, relaxation, worry, or boredom!

Overcoming fears begins by knowing your horse which starts on the ground. The addition of ground training in a daily routine is so beneficial! Mastering ground handling always gives a safe place to go back to if fear under saddle becomes an issue. The rider can gain respect by correcting a horse and being assertive on the ground which is safer then when on top of the horse. Once the rider gains control on the ground through working in hand, longeing, working at liberty and ground driving this confidence and understanding of the horse can be translated to work under saddle. This is also a good time to analyze the suitability of the horse to the rider’s goals. The best tool for overcoming fear is knowing the horse is suited to the skill level, interests, lifestyle and personal goals of the rider.

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