Horse Tack Review

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No Flies on Me!

Horse Tack Review Staff

In terms of sheer nuisance, fly season may be the only drawback of horse ownership. As horse owners, we blanket for protection from the cold or to combat the sun bleaching effects to their glorious natural coats. During show season, we groom, brush, polish, shine and buff. As we all know, maintenance is not inexpensive. Further, given the sheer array of products on the market, not only do we want the most bang for our buck, but assurance that we are not unwittingly subjecting our beloved animals to unwanted chemicals and irritants. We put forth our best efforts to keep our horses comfortable and happy, so when a swarm of pesky flies descend for a daily snack, it's often difficult to determine who is more aggravated, the horse or rider!

All jokes aside, flies are a serious issue. So it comes as no surprise, there is a vast array of fly control products available in today's marketplace. These products, ranging from all-natural to chemical-based, all have one common denominator, their individual claims that they're the best. When it comes to making a choice, we hazard to guess that with today's demand for more green products, most horse people will say they prefer using natural products on their horses and around their farms. With the next breath, they'll advise that the natural products are not as effective as their chemical competitors. So how to pick? Natural fly sprays often have a pleasant smell that may be pleasing to our senses, but are virtually useless if the horse is stomping around and swatting his tail at you and the flies! As for their chemical counterparts, if we find the odors displeasing, why should our horses be forced to suck in harmful chemical odors and fumes as we unwittingly envelop them in a cloud of propellant?

Fortunately, there is a solution. A fly repellant that is not only natural, but effective. Liquid Net for Horses is the ultimate in fly protection for your horse. Liquid Net? Yes. Aptly named, this product simulates a fly-net type of barrier that cocoons your horse in a fly-free zone of relief! Liquid Net for Horses is so effective the flies wonít land anywhere NEAR your horse! Now thatís protection. Liquid Net for Horses is an all natural spray. It does not contain any pyrethrins, permethrins or DEET. The unique formulation consists of a combination of natural oils that work to repel stable flies, black flies, gnats, ticks, fleas and mosquitoes. It has a pleasant, almost spa-like scent that will subtly envelop your barn with its pleasant aroma, while instilling a sense of personal relief that your horse is not coated in any harmful chemicals. And, it's safe for ponies.

Throughout the summer, Horse Tack Review tested both the spray formula of Liquid Net for Horses and the individual towelettes. In our unending mission to provide honest and accurate reviews of equine products, we have encountered our fair share of mediocre performers, regardless of the testimonial set forth on the label. However, with respect to Liquid Net for Horses, we are pleased to report that it is indeed, extremely effective. With the initial spray, our test horses immediately exhibited a sense of relief from the relentless onslaught of summer fly attacks. The individual towelettes are perfect for applying Liquid Net to a horse's head and other hard to reach areas. We also carried the towelettes on trail rides and found they provide exceptional, portable protection for riders as well. And, an extra thumbs up to the non-greasy formula!

We do want to report that the effectiveness of Liquid Net for Horses is dependent on weather conditions and humidity, as well as whether the horses were stabled or turned out. On average, we found that the effectiveness of Liquid Net for Horses on our resident equine testers was optimal when humidity levels are at their lowest. In those conditions, the spray remained effective for up to 3 days. We recommend reapplication every 12 hours if you horse is turned out daily in very humid conditions.

Although fly season is winding down in most areas of the country, insect protection is always a consideration. With our ever changing environmental conditions, even a day or two of temperature spikes is enough to send those flying antagonists in search of an unsuspecting, frolicking equine. So, if you're looking for an all-natural fly repellent that actually works, we highly recommend Liquid Net for Horses. You can find this product and several other environmentally friendly products from The Liquid Fence Company.