Horse Tack Review

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Please Help!

Horse Tack Review

We are all feeling the pinch of the struggling economy. The worry of hay prices, vet bills and other necessary expenses are beginning to take over where thoughts of show expenses used to be. There is no one feeling the pinches more than horse rescue farms and sanctuaries. Unfortunately they are not receiving the donations and assistance they are used to, and more important, depend on.

Horse Tack Review is pleased to support Bright Futures Farm and we hope you will too. You see, we've taken on a special liking for one of their horses, Fast Market. 'Markie' is the last known son of Secretariat to race, earning over $126k in 126 career starts. He has made Bright Futures his retirement home. And he needs help.

Markie recently underwent a biopsy which found a cancerous tumor in his thyroid. The good news is if it is treated now, he's almost guaranteed to have 100% recovery since it didn't spread to any other areas. He will be scheduled at Ohio State University as soon as possible for treatment. OSU can successfully remove the right half of his thyroid and rid him of the cancer (in almost every case, when caught early, the surgery is 100% successful). He needs to have this done before the cancer spreads.

Cost for surgery: $1200.

Cost for transport to and from OSU: $400.

Total money need to raise: $1600

Please help us save Markie's life with a donation specifically toward his surgery.

Contributions are tax-deductible and can be made via paypal or check.


Bright Futures Farm
44793 Harrison Road
Spartansburg, PA 16434

Please be sure to note in your email or on your check "Markie".