Horse Tack Review

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Horse Supplements

Equatic Solutions announces the release of a new version of Horse Quencher™, the product designed to encourage your horse to drink water. The new package is a 3.5 gallon, 20-pound bucket which gives the frequent user a very cost-effective price per serving. Initially the larger size will be available in the most popular flavor, apple.

The economy size tub is in response to the many customers who use Horse Quencher on a daily or highly regular basis to make sure their horses are drinking enough. Although we all joke about the old adage ‘you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink,’ dehydration is no laughing matter. With the stress of seasonal weather changes, trailering and competition, quite often horses won’t drink enough, which can lead to enormous health problems such as colic and tying up, or can simply cause a competitive horse to perform less brilliantly. Horse Quencher solves this problem for virtually every horse who tries it. A commonly heard testimonial – including from the many Olympians who took Horse Quencher to Hong Kong – is “I was astounded when my finicky horse drained the bucket and licked the bottom clean!”

The new Horse Quencher Economy Tub has a suggested retail of $99.00. Although initially the economy tub is only available in apple, Horse Quencher is still available in all four flavors – apple, butterscotch, rootbeer and peppermint – in a box of 10 single-serving convenience packs for $29.99 suggested retail, in single packs for $2.99 msrp, or in the original 25-serving container value tub for $29.99 msrp. All may be purchased at select retailers, by calling 888-783-6247, or online at While you’re on the site, you can sign up to be on the mailing list, and read more about what the 2008 Olympians and many others have to say about Horse Quencher.

About Equatic Solutions
Equatic Solutions LLC was formed in 2005 to bring Horse Quencher to market. Based in Newtown, Pennsylvania, Equatic Solutions is owned, operated and managed by Anne Kusmich, Nancy Issenman and Leslie Reiss. These women (and their spouses Bob, David and Gary) bring a lot of horse experience to the development of this product. All are currently avid trail riders. Anne breeds Tennessee Walking Horses, Leslie breeds Mountain Horses, Nancy is a former show jumper turned trail rider and Bob plays polo with his Thoroughbreds. They are happy to share this discovery with other horse enthusiasts.