Horse Tack Review

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Horse Tack - Boots

EquiFit, inc. offers a complete line of technologically advanced products for riders who are serious about performance. After multiple requests from riders, EquiFit, inc. expanded their T-Boot Series to include the leather T-Boot LUXE in black. Originally offered in brown leather, the LUXE boot is made of top quality, water resistant, French leather. It is neoprene free and combines a sophisticated look with the technologically advanced T-Foam lining.

"The T-Boot LUXE™ uses our exceptional lining, but still keeps the aesthetic of a leather boot," EquiFit, Inc. President Alexandra Cherubini explained. "After much demand for a black leather boot we are excited to now offer it as an option."

Like all boots in the T-Boot Series, the LUXE boot features removable, washable T-Foam liners that are replaceable. "Removable liners are useful for inclement weather conditions," Cherubini noted. "You just pull out the lining, throw them in the washing machine, and put new, clean liners in for the next class or horse. Clean liners are key in keeping your horses legs rub-free." Adjustable weighted liners are now available for both front and hind LUXE boots as well.

EquiFit Inc.'s product line includes nine other models of T-Boots. The boots are all easy-on, durable, and offered with either lint-resistant Velcro closures, leather closures or new urethane tab closures. All of the closures offer exceptional hold without interfering with movement.

Designed by an orthopedic company, the T-Boot Series is filled with T-Foam, a revolutionary pressure-relieving viscoelastic material that conforms to the horse's body, providing maximum support and pressure point dispersal while eliminating chafing and abrasion. Under body pressure and heat, T-Foam conforms and molds to all contours and bone structures of the horse's legs and absorbs up to 97 percent of all impact. Because the fit is exact, support and stability are maximized, dirt and debris build-up is minimized, and pressure points are eliminated. When the T-Boots are removed, T-Foam recovers 100 percent of its original shape, ready to provide a perfect custom fit for every horse, every time.

EquiFit, inc. is dedicated to helping horse and riders improve and become more competitive. They are proud to work with 2008 Beijing Olympic gold medalist McLain Ward, Olympians Margie Engle, Alison Firestone and Michael Whitaker, as well as grand prix riders Todd Minikus, Michael Morrissey, Joie Gatlin, Callan Solem, Mandy Porter, Christine McCrea, Molly Ashe-Cawley, Jimmy Torano, Conor Swail and Olympic Three-Day event riders Darren Chiacchia and Karen O'Connor.

For more information, please visit or call 877-437-8434.