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Chris Cox D-Ring Snaffle Features Unique Design

Horse Tack - Western Bits

Whether you’re building a house or riding a horse, using the right tools makes any task easier. Two-time Road to the Horse Champion Chris Cox took this to heart when designing his signature D-ring snaffle bit.

“Technique and ability are absolutely important, but you won’t get far without the right equipment,” says Chris, who rides all his young horses in this bit after they’ve taken their first few rides in a halter and lead. His signature snaffle has become popular with novice and advanced riders alike because of its effectiveness and classic appearance.

Unlike most snaffles where the round ring or D-ring swivels, Chris made his bit with a fixed D, and also contoured the mouthpiece. This unique design allows the mouth piece to put pressure on the bars of the horse’s mouth, not his tongue. This makes the bit much more effective in picking up the outside of the horse’ s mouth and offers more direction.

“The bit rests where it should in the horse’s mouth without pinching the bars of the mouth,” notes Chris. “The contour makes this bit especially effective for lateral work as opposed to a straight bit. It also discourages the horse from flipping his nose out and at the same time, encourages him to soften and bend at the poll.”

To increase saliva and keep the horse’s mouth moist, the sweet iron mouthpiece is inlaid with copper. The bit is offered with a 3/8-inch mouthpiece, which Chris recommends for most riders, and with a 1/4-inch mouthpiece when used by experienced riders or as a correction bit.

Because of the fixed D-ring, a chin strap is optional with this snaffle. You won’t experience the trouble of the bit pulling through the horse’s mouth the way a traditional snaffle can.

If the Chris Cox Signature D-Ring snaffle wasn’t on your Christmas list, don’t wait until next December. Visit the website at or call the Chris Cox Horsemanship Company at 888-81-HORSE to order yours today.