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Introducing INTENSE EQ Mane & Tail

Horse Grooming Products

Manes, Tails & People Too! New, Fresh & Now, New INTENSE EQ™ Premium Cross Action line of products are developed using the latest in modern formulation technology. Fresh ~ Proven and tested with remarkable results. Fresh new ideas with the highest grade ingredients and Botanical Extracts available today. Now ~ Not from 20 years ago. This line of products is NEW, FRESH and NOW SAFE for People Too! The first in this market to offer Paraben Free products.

Mane & Tail Premium Clear Volume Shampoo ~ Clear, Clean & Fresh. INTENSE EQ™ Clear Volume Shampoo, Moisturizing botanical extracts including Aloe, Arnica Montana, Horsetail, Echinacea and Rosemary are gently blended into a perfect shampoo for Manes, Tails & People Too!

MANE & TAIL Premium Conditioning Combing Cream ~ Moisturizing Silk Beads & Botanical Extracts. INTENSE EQ™ Conditioning Combing Cream, a non-tacky, easy to comb, anti-frizz, leave-in cream conditioner that adds definition, volume and memory to Manes, Tails & People Too!

We know you care, NOW you know we do too.