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Learn How to Tie Your Own Rope Halters!

Kari Newman

In today’s economy, everyone is looking for ways to save money without having to forego basic equine necessities. Making your own horse tack is both economical and rewarding, and insures you a “perfect fit” every time. New book by horsewoman Kari Newman gives step-by-step pictured instructions allowing you to tie your own rope halters for ponies, average sized horses, warmbloods, and even draft horses.

For years and years, companies have kept secret the simple instructions on how to tie a rope halter. Rope halters are easy to make and recommended by top horse training professionals. You don’t need to own a rope halter endorsed by a top trainer in order to successfully train your horse, and the best way to insure that you have the right size is to custom make a halter for your own horse, rather than buy a generic stock halter. Now you can learn the secret!

This book gives step-by-step, photograph instructions detailing how to tie all the required knots, how to measure your horse correctly, how to actually tie the halter, and how to fit it to your horse. In addition, instructions for tying the leadrope and anatomy of the horse’s face is covered. Most people find that the first halter may take an hour or two to complete. As you get more proficient, your halter may take 20 minutes or less. It is recommended for children ages 8 and above.

Once only available as an ebook, this popular book was published due to consumer demand as a paperback available through Saddle clubs, horse ranchers, tack makers, and individuals around the world have enjoyed the clarity and ease of use of this book. Many people and clubs have reported earning income off of the halters they make and sell.

It is time for you to learn the secret to making your own horse tack. Now you can enjoy making your own halters and saving money.

How to Tie a Basic Rope Halter is only available through

Keep checking back as the author intends to publish more of her popular ebooks in the future!