E-Z Ride Stirrups

Horse Tack Product Spotlight

Improved!! Now they are better than ever with our new patent-pending shock-absorbing top bar. These new topbars compress slightly as you put weight in your stirrup adding just enough extra comfort without all the bounce! It is a huge misconception that when riding “you don't use your feet, so why care about your stirrups.“ Well, ask anyone who has spent 12-24 hours in a saddle and you will find out that foot comfort and support is one of the major issues in long distance riding.

E-Z Rides were developed with the foot and body in mind. They are lightweight and durable, but it's their extra wide and deep design that allows the foot the room it needs to help distribute the weight properly. Over long distances or long hours this weight distribution aids in circulation throughout the foot plus gives relief to the knees and lower back with its thick foot cushion. They are great for riders with existing foot, knee or lower back problems.

E-Z Ride Stirrup Options:

Standard Aluminum:
This option is the basic powder-painted aluminum stirrup with its 4“ x 5“ closed-cell durable foot cushion. This is the original stirrup - proven to be the best stirrup in over 10 years of use in long distance and trail riding arenas.

Standard Nylon:
This option is the basic nylon with its 4“ x 5“ closed-cell durable foot cushion. Lighter weight than the aluminum but just as durable. Less expensive too!

Standard Leather Covered:
Want a more traditional look? Our leather-covered aluminum stirrups are classy-looking and have all the same qualities in performance as our standard aluminum stirrups.

Safety Cage:
Available on our aluminum, nylon (shown above) or leather-covered stirrups. Great for those who like to wear tennis shoes to ride in or for smaller feet. Protects the foot from rocks and brush as well as prevents the foot from slipping through the stirrup. Not removable.

Leather Tapadero:
A full leather tapadero is available for our aluminum or nylon stirrups. A solid thick leather tapadero covers the entire stirrup for ultimate protection and safety. Very classy-looking too! Not removable.

Now available from Jeffers Equine, the E-Z Ride Nylon Stirrup ($47.95) and the Nylon Stirrup with Safety Cage ($68.45). Visit the Jeffers Equine Super Store!

The History of EasyCare, Inc.

Our business is the manufacture and sale of proven equine products that enhance performance, provide protection from the elements and human error and enrich the overall human-horse experience. Throughout five thousand years of domestication, the horse has had a more significant impact on human history than any other animal. Our goal is to help make the future of the horse/rider relationship as fulfilling and exciting as the past.

In 1970, EasyCare Inc. (formerly Les Kare Inc.), was founded by nuclear physicist Dr. Neel Glass. After a family horse was diagnosed with navicular disease, Dr. Glass became interested in the age-old problem of hoof protection and treatment for ailments. Both veterinarian and farrier-prescribed solutions failed to alleviate the problem, so Dr. Glass took it upon himself to create what is now known as the Easyboot.

EasyCare, Inc. continues to build on Dr. Glass’ hard work. The Easyboot has been modified and improved several times during the 90s. These patented improvements have allowed the Easyboot to not only work in conjunction with, but also to replace metal horseshoes in all applications. Several new products have been added to EasyCare’s product line since 1994. The New Boa Horse Boot - The perfect boot for the shoeless horse with the easiest application and removal lacing system; the EasySoaker - Perfect for the treatment of most hoof ailments; E-Z Ride Stirrups – the #1 long distance stirrups; the EasyIce Boot – perfect for leg fatigue after long rides and injury therapy; Stowaway Saddle Packs – the ultimate “no bounce” saddle bags for long distance or casual riding; Stowaway Gear – high-tech and durable travel gear for both horse and rider; Shear Comfort Sheepskin– 100% Merino wool saddle covers and accessories; the HiTie™ – trailer tie system for safe and easy horse tying while traveling; and Easy Bun Warmer rump rugs.

EasyCare, Inc. strives for leading-edge creation and perfection of equine products in the continuing quest to enhance the overall human-horse experience. Thank you for your continued support and patronage.
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