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The Distraction Aid

Horse Treats and Toys

English Riding Supply is proud to present the Distraction Aid. "NATURAL IS BETTER” says the University of Edinburgh. The EQUINE DISTRACTION AID wins out in a study by the University of Edinburgh over the Likit “Tongue Twister” and another UK product called the “Decahedron”.

The EQUINE DISTRACTION AID is especially effective as it combines the visual attraction of a hanging ball with natural goodies like carrots and apples. The University study shows that NATURAL IS BETTER in getting your horses attention and keeping it for longer periods of time. The EQUINE DISTRACTION AID most closely resembles NATURAL FORAGING for your horse.

The EQUINE DISTRACTION AID is a wise investment as it is less expensive to use. It does not require expensive treat blocks that are quickly consumed by the horse. The EQUINE DISTRACTION AID hangs in the horse’s line of site and because of that, it is significantly more effective than balls that roll on the ground or other toys that do not hang.

The Distraction Aid is particularly beneficial for horses who have vices such as box walking, cribbing, wind sucking, and weaving as it provides them with a stimulus to help break these bad habits. For the best use, it should be positioned at eye or mouth level.

Colors: Red • Green • Blue, MSRP $39.95

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