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English Tack - Wintec Bridle

English Bridle Prodict Spotlight

Lightweight, durable and weatherproof, the Wintec bridlework range looks like leather, but has the easy-care qualities and strength of equileather. Wintec bridlework perfectly matched Wintec Saddles as well. The bridle features nylon webbing core for extra strength and stainless steel buckles.

Additional features:

Easy-Care - No oiling or waxing
Impervious to sweat
Non-stretch material prevents uneveness
Safe Tested to over 1/2 ton breaking strain

The Evolution of Wintec

Ron and Ken Bates owners of Bates Saddlery Australia in Perth, Western Australia are the designers behind the revolutionary Wintec saddles.

In the early 1980's the Bates brothers made a range of leather race saddles using Kangaroo Hide due to its lighter weight and strength. The kangaroo hide in the saddles was not lined in order to keep the weight of the saddles down. This however caused the Kangaroo leather to wrinkle up in use and sparked a search for a lightweight foam which could be used to back the leather and stiffen it there by stopping it from wrinkling.

Not long after, a suitable foam was found, but it required protection. A tough knitted fabric, the same used to cover neoprene foam for wetsuits, was laminated to the foam for protection. The idea of laminating a single layer of cloth to a foam backing is the central idea behind Wintec Saddles. By laminating foam to fabric the durability of the fabric is considerably increased.

Using fabric on both sides of the foam produced the first ever Wintec Race saddle - what better way to maintain lightweight for a jockey.

This first ever full cloth race saddle was given to a local jockey to test. He absolutely loved the saddle and would in fact take it into the shower with him after a race to wash the mud and sweat off it. In no time there were enough jockeys interested in the saddle to send it into full scale production.

The first Wintec race saddles were sold in an array of colours including reds, blues, pinks and yellows. The saddles took the global market by storm, especially in England where in 8 out of the next 10 years the famous English Derby was won by jockeys riding in Wintec Saddles.

Company Profile

Bates Australia is a saddle manufacturing company founded in 1934 and headquartered in Perth, Western Australia. The company is run and owned by Ron Bates, who himself is a rider and trained saddler.

"To strive for excellence and innovation in our products" is a philosophy Bates Australia adheres to strongly, and it is from this philosophy that the revolutionary range of Wintec saddles emerged.

Wintec is a brand of high quality synthetic saddles manufactured by Bates Australia. Wintec saddles are constructed using radically unique synthetic materials like Equisuede and Equileather.

Equisuede is a premium material to be riding in as it provides the perfect level of grip, does not get slippery when wet and is quick drying. Equileather on the other hand is of the highest UV resistance, is specially impregnated to be sweat resistant and is the lowest maintenance material available for use in the construction of a saddle.

Wintec is internationally renowned and sold in more than 20 countries around the world. The success of Wintec has made Bates Australia the biggest volume seller of saddles under the one brand name in the world. The success of Wintec has also won Bates Australia a number of prestigious export and design awards.