Horse Tack Review

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Performance Animal Nutrition Performance Focus Equine

Horse Tack Review Staff

Our staff tester in the field Katie gave this product the go around on one of her mares who was known to have, as we all like to call them, "issues" - I love that word! Here's what she had to say!

Initial Thoughts on Receiving Product: My sample came in a little baggie with a plastic scoop. Usage instructions were on a sticker stuck to the bag and for review purposes, an information portfolio was also included. Gathered from the portfolio, sticker and website: Promotes a willingness to please and a winning, confident, co-operative mood. Use prior to and during competitions, daily training, workouts, rehab, stressful situations and travel. Decreases excitability while maintaining energy for work. Reduce excitability, anxiety, distractibility, muscle tension and damage. Increase attention span, confidence and mental focus. USP (human grade) ingredients. A safe, legal natural alternative. All natural calming product. Neuro-support proprietary blend of USP vitamins and minerals that specifically address neuro-chemicals and co-factors. Does not sedate. Compliant to USDF, USEF, AQHA, APHA and AERC.

Review based on 1 month of testing: I opted to try this product on a twenty year old Morgan / Thoroughbred cross who is dominant in the herd, always on the look-out and anxious on trail rides. The recommended feeding instructions for show and hobby horses are one ounce every day for five to seven days prior to an event, top-dressed over normal rations. Roughly the fourth day into feeding this product, I noticed a slight change in my mare. It was a particularly windy day – probably better suited for kites – but we went out for a ride anyway. She was full of energy, no doubt, and I still had to stop her from speeding up but her unpleasant traits were slowly waning. When I did allow her to pick her own speed, she moved into a canter. The “lookiness” I had accepted as part of her personality was diminishing. She happily trotted and cantered along, oblivious to the usual horse-eating monsters which I’m sure were unhappily waiting trail-side!. We had a nice outing.

I liked how the supplement seemed very palatable to the horse I was feeding it to – she didn’t hesitate or sniff – just dove right in and ate. I only wish the scoop that came with my test batch was better marked. One ounce is the feeding guideline (actually, you must not exceed one ounce per day) but there is no marker on the scoop to indicate whether a portion of the scoop filled would equal one ounce, or whether the whole thing would. CC’s are listed on the bottom of the scoop, and a thin line is etched into the plastic approximately 1/3 of the way from the bottom, but that’s it. We figured it out to one ounce equals one scoop.

On a separate ride, I took the horse out on a brand new trail with another horse. She was, again, uncharacteristically pleasant to be with. She set the pace of the ride, motoring along at a good clip. Despite ducks flapping in the water beside her, a displeased beaver whacking his tail against the water, numerous water crossings we encountered and a host of other distractions, the mare was as solid as a rock.

We finished the approximately one week trial of this product on another excellent note. All terrain vehicles (or “quads”) are typically the undoing of this mare, who probably had a bad experience with them in one of her previous homes. On this particular afternoon ride, we encountered 3 ATVs in close succession and over 10 vehicles in the short area of road travel we did including a loaded horse trailer complete with a kicking, fidgety horse. We cantered past a field of stampeding miniature horses, stumbled upon a herd of cattle and startled a flock of blackbirds. The biggest reaction my horse made throughout all of this was to eyeball the miniature horses.

I was pleased with the change in my horses demeanor during the trial period of Performance Focus EQ, but that was only part of the test. I was interested in finding out how much her temperament would change once this supplement cleared her system.

She was lucky enough to enjoy a few days without work due to the torrential downpours that are common during the spring season. Our ride following this short vacation was just as pleasant as the rides during the Performance Focus EQ test period. Whether she was just happy to return to work, or the past weeks positive experiences had left an impression on her, I cannot tell. I just know that once again, the rides were enjoyable!

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