Horse Tack Review

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Horse Tack and Riding Apparel

With summer just around the corner, EquiFit, inc., creator of innovative equine protective performance gear, offers ShouldersBack Lite to provide lightweight posture support to help riders beat the heat this summer while maintaining perfect poise.

The need to reinforce good posture habits continues to be in big demand and ShouldersBack Lite is the best option for riders in or out of the ring. Its breathable new back panel -- a soft, sheer variation on the heavier fabric of EquiFit's original flagship product ShouldersBack -- was developed in response to the requests of many fans that suggested EquiFit make a light version of the original. It also comes with softer straps to increase comfort particularly when it is worn with lighter clothing.

The key to the new innovation is the comfort of the straps and the use of PowerMesh. This soft, sheer material is so light it hardly feels like it’s in the new ShouldersBack. Four-way-stretch benefits make it easy and flexible during most activities - including yoga, golf, running and daily exercise. Most importantly, the new material completely breathes so it can be worn without the extra weight of most posture devices.

“In the heat of the summer, the last thing anyone wants to wear is an extra layer,” said EquiFit President, Alexandra Cherubini. “Posture problems don’t go away when the weather changes. ShouldersBack Lite is our solution to this.”

One study sponsored by the American Chiropractic Association puts the number that will suffer from Chronic Back pain over the course of life at nearly 80%, and the proportion increases for athletes, including equestrians. Proper posture can help work against such overwhelming statistics. And that is far more attainable with consistent reminders that devices like ShouldersBack provide.

“None of us pay attention to our posture 24-7,” says Cherubini, “and now there is one more alternative that can help, even as temperatures rise.”

ShouldersBack Lite can help riders make real posture progress both in and out of the ring -- whether worn comfortably over a tee or under a show coat. It comes in Black or White, for $49.95. Easily adjusts to fit most body types in S, M, L. Visit, or call 1-877-EquiFit (437-8434).