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Behavior Problems? Solve them with Training Products from John Lyons

Product Spotlight

Since John first became active in the horse industry, people have remarked about John's special talents and have continually expressed an interest in learning how to use his methods. Starting with a simple idea in 1980 of helping others with their horses, John has been instrumental in changing not only an industry, but also changing the way thousands think about themselves, and the way they treat their horses.

Now you too can use John's training methods by using his books and videos. Here, we have listed only a few of his products that are availble.

Riding Manual NEW!!
This manual is for when the groundwork is done and you are ready to ride. You will find a logical sequence of training lessons - 18 in all - designed to help you when you are ready to take the next step in training. This is a logical follow-up to the Ground Control Manual that will help you continue with the green broke horse, or improve the performance of the already trained horse.

Ground Control Manual
The only publication of its kind, this manual took over three years to write and contains 38 of John's most important ground lessons. This manual is designed to take the guesswork out of training your horse. It's user friendly, with sequential lessons in a detailed format and contains numerous photos to illustrate each step of the training.

Training from the Heart
This video collection features segments from John's television series. There are three types of segments he may cover in twelve half-hour shows. "Ground" segments cover issues relating to ground behavior; "Riding" for cues, exercises, and manners from the horse's back; and "Performance" segments for some advanced cues, maneuvers and rein control.

John Lyons Round Pens
John wanted to design a safe and strong panel to work and keep horses in. The end results are the panels that John offers and uses today. John has worked over 4,000 unbroke horses using all types of round pens. The practical experience and knowledge is what has gone into the design of John's panels.

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