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Happy Mouth Bits make Hunter Trainers Happier!

English Horse Tack

For years, Happy Mouth Bits have been a staple in the bit box of all prominent trainers. The distinctive ecru-colored bits are known to promote acceptance of the bit even for the most difficult of mouths; however, the off white sides of the King Dees, the bit seen most often in the hunter ring, does not present the optimum look that the trainers want.

A new line of King Dees has been developed that will only have the mouthpiece itself with the patented plastic polymer and apple scent that gives the Happy Mouth its special characteristics.

The line will consist of 7 mouthpieces, ranging from the jointed mouth to a special Ribbed Mullen mouth, and will come in a variety of sizes.

These bits are available now through your English Riding Supply dealer.

English Riding Supply is the exclusive distributor of the Happy Mouth line of bits. For more information on the entire line of Happy Mouth Bits see