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The Art of Layering Part 1: When it comes to keeping warm, there is more to the story than just bulk...

Kerrits Riding Apparel

Layering your clothing is the key to maintaining the proper body temperature while riding your horses. The beauty of this simple concept is that it allows you to make quick adjustments based on your ride and changes in the weather. Typically a three layer system is perfect to transition a rider through a variety of environments.

Each layer has a function: the base layer (against your skin) manages moisture; the middle layer insulates you from the cold; the outer layer shields you from wind and precipitation.

The base layer is your next-to-skin layer that helps regulate your body temperature. “We use fibers and fabrics designed for regulating body temperature that keep the rider from heating up or cooling down too quickly” explains Kerri Kent, owner and designer of Kerrits.

” If you've ever worn a cotton T-shirt under your raincoat while riding, you probably remember feeling wet and clammy, even though you weren't getting wet from the rain itself. Trapped inside your clothing, perspiration can leave you chilled or damp no matter how well your outer shell fends off rain and snow. “

Below are some of our favorite base layers Kerrits has to offer for Fall/Winter 2009. Look for The Art of Layering Part 2: Insulation Layers, coming later this month.

Tattoo LJ Top $49
• Ultra soft next to skin
• Constructed from a lightweight yarn that draws humidity and perspiration away from your skin

Tattoo LJ Bottom $49
• Lightweight and breathable
• Can be worn under tights and breeches without compromising motion
• Below-the-knee length eliminates doubling up of socks and tight layers in your boots

Ventilator Longsleeve $49
• Diffuses and dissipates moisture so you stay dry and comfortable
• Regulates body temps
• 10” front zip for ventilation

Klassic Performance Tight $64
• Brushed, four-way stretch Fabrisuede™ Tactel wicks moisture
• Flat seams are flattering and chafe-free

Tactel Mockneck $59
• Fabrisuede™ Tactel is soft, breathable and moisture wicking
• Perfect as a base layer or on its own

Flow Rise Performance Tight $64
• Moisture-wicking and breathable
• Flow rise waist is cut anatomically correct, high in the back and slightly lover in the front to complement the riders position in the saddle

Since 1986 Kerrits Equestrian Apparel has been committed to providing innovative, functional performance apparel, designed and constructed specifically for the unique demands of women who ride and love horses. The company is based in Hood River, Oregon. For more information, go to or call 1.800.274.7946.