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Heritage Extreme Winter Gloves

Horse Tack Review Staff

After reading a couple of poor reviews submitted by our readers, Heritage asked us to conduct a staff review of their new and improved Extreme Winter Gloves. We were thrilled at the chance as winter was upon on and to tell you the truth, after looking back at what you readers had to say, we were really looking to see if these gloves were in fact “improved”.

One word - YES. Ok, well if you don’t want to read our entire article we can sum it up in a few words, warm, waterproof and comfortable. If you’re in a hurry, you can stop reading and run out and get your own. Still reading? Thanks, We’ll continue now…

Heritage has reconstructed their gloves for winter 2009. A stretch nylon Spandura outer shell is bonded to a waterproof inner membrane, giving you a completely waterproof glove (a prior complaint). These gloves are made with 3M Thinsulate insulation and a Polar Fleece liner. The long knit cuff and elastic wrist band provides for a comfortable fit keeping the wind and cold out, and warmth in. Like most Heritage gloves, these do feature the rein cut in between the 4th and 5th digits to keep excess wear and tear from this area. You will be sure these gloves will last through the long haul.

Be sure when you do purchase Heritage gloves you are buying the correct fit. As a representative from Heritage described to me, “Heritage is a US based glove company so they adhere to US sizing standards which is measured in inches. Other brands of gloves use European sizing standards which are measured in centimeters.

There has been some confusion in the US equestrian market because for many years because most of the gloves sold here where from outside the US and were in the metric sizing system. Therefore some people tend to order gloves too small from Heritage. We are trying to educate everyone about the differences in measuring standards.

When measuring a glove to US size standards you measure the circumference of the palm from the base of your hand in inches. When measuring a glove in Euro size standards you measure the flat distance across your knuckles in centimeters. Heritage Gloves are measured and built in US sizing standards. There is a US/EU conversion chart on the back of the packaging for each glove.”

We at Horse Tack Review put the Heritage gloves through the ringer. Not only riding on the most frigid days, but feeding, watering, hosing horses, cleaning buckets, farm chores, wind, rain and snow. You name it ~ through November, December and now into January, these gloves have been through it all.

If you swore off the Extreme Winter Gloves in the past we hope you give them a second chance. Heritage did it right this time around!