Horse Tack Review

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Stand Taller and Be Cooler with ShouldersBack Lite by EquiFit

Horse Tack - Riding Apparel

ShouldersBack Lite™ is a soft, sheer variation of the original now made with PowerMesh. Developed in response to fans who want to wear ShouldersBack comfortably in the heat of the summer, this new alternative is a wonderful option for riders.

ShouldersBack is in great demand as a healthy upper back support for people of all ages and interests. Physical therapists, chiropractors and spa workers use and recommend ShouldersBack and ShouldersBack Lite to eliminate back pain and promote good posture. Many swear by its support and like the way it strengthens their back muscles while pursuing daily activities. Most of all, people love it because it gives them poise and makes them look and feel great.

ShouldersBack™ was featured in W magazine and at the Metropolitan Museum of Art as part of its extreme beauty exhibit. It’s also been reviewed in The Boston Globe, Day Spa Magazine, Elle Canada, Chicago Tribune, The Dallas Morning News and The Seattle Times among many others. It is carried by Gaiam, the Massage Warehouse and Comfort House and is listed in SkyMall and on, among many other national distributors.

If you’re in the saddle, sitting at a computer, working out or just constantly “on the go,” ShouldersBack™ and ShouldersBack Lite™ will help you enjoy the benefits of good posture while gently reminding you to maintain a correct, upright stance.

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