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Hey Riders? Want a better GRIP? RiderGrips Version 3 are Now Available!

Horse lovers: Is this you? It happens to the best of us: Professional riders with years in the saddle, newcomers who want to learn, and everyone else in between, young and old. You can be using the most expensive tack in the world, or the most economical. It’s that feeling of losing your grip on your saddle. Or, it’s that basic fear of not having enough grip to begin with. Sometimes good balance isn’t enough.

We ask ourselves many things whenever we step into that saddle: will we be able to keep our body in its best balance, help our horse frame up and move out more freely, show good form to our trainers, feel brave in the face of a new challenge or advanced skill, not tucker out too soon, and not come off if, suddenly, our horse decides to skitter sideways?

Now, you can get a better grip. RiderGrip™ Saddle Grips are here. Finally – a whole new way to gain that extra hold on your saddle.

RiderGrips™ are thin, removable, tacky, textured, foam-cushioned, grip-improving patches that you place on the seat and leg flaps of your saddle. They give you more ‘grab’ around your horse’s barrel. Call them a nice little insurance policy for your priceless rear end. Think of RiderGrip™ saddle grips as a “Triangle of Tread”: place them on the seat and leg flaps of your saddle, mount up, and you’ll feel as if you’re not going anywhere you don’t want to go. It’s an anchored, centered sensation.

Whether you’re 5 or 85 - Having a better grip in your saddle is empowering. All riders know - it’s a long way to the ground. Yep, I’ve been there, covered in mud and shame. RiderGrips™ will help you (or your little one) prevent that “Thud” sound. And possibly a trip to the ER.

These nifty, good-looking panels are pre-shaped for the seat and leg flap areas of any saddle type – they can also be scissor-trimmed to fit your individual saddle’s geometry. Harmless to leather, suede or synthetic saddles, they are easy to apply and easy to remove. Depending on the intensity of your use, a set of RiderGrips™ will last for many satisfying rides. And, if you drop one in the dirt, wash it off, give it a shake, and let air dry. It can be used again.

RiderGrips™ also ‘reward’ you for proper riding position and technique by adding more stability to your legs and seat, and allow for the natural and continuous adjusting of those body parts against the saddle that good riding requires. RiderGrips™ help you sink your weight down into those heels and help them stay there. We all want that connected, secure, liberating feeling in the saddle, don’t we?

"I do. That’s why I designed them." says Lee Ann Morgan, CEO. "Being both a rider and a tennis player most of my life, I had an epiphany." Why couldn’t any rider have that same nice, tacky, grippy feeling under their legs and rear ends that tennis players and golfers take for granted when they grab their racquet or club? The USEF and FEI rule books don’t have a problem with them. So why waste all that muscle energy of yours? Because…when it comes to riding, and to life, who doesn’t want more grip?

The other good news – when you’re ready for a new set, and your saddle needs to fit better to your horse’s back, stick your old RiderGrips on the underside of your saddle (or just order RiderGrip Shimz from the web site’s Ordering Page). It’s a win-win-win. Handy!

RiderGrip™ Removable Saddle Grips. So go ahead…Because…Grip Happens.

Visit for for more information and to order today!

(Color shown: California Tan. Also available in Jumpin’ Jack Brown, Dressage Black, and Clear Performance Gel.)