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eZall Green Bathing Kit

Horse Tack Review Staff

No matter what type of horse you may have, no matter what discipline you may ride, all of us have one common goal… to have our horse’s coats be as clean and healthy. This is especially true when it comes to preparing for a show, or even just having a friend come to visit to see your beloved equine pal. So why is it that just when you want them to look their best, they decide it’s time to look their worst and go head first into any mud puddle they can find…. especially when your beloved is grey or white!

We have to say up front, that being offered the chance to review the eZall Green Bathing Kit was one that we were definitely looking forward to. You see, one of our “test horses” is a grey off-track thoroughbred that loves to get down and dirty. His sire is even known to breed “mudders” - those racehorses that do especially well on a muddy, sloppy track. So wouldn’t it just figure that he loves to roll around in the mud any chance he gets! He was going to be the perfect test horse for the eZall kit.

Though this horse is always a bit on the dirty side, we were given the perfect chance to test out the eZall Green Bathing Kit on a recent warm spring day. It was almost if he knew we were coming for him as he decided it was the perfect chance to get as muddy as ever. This was going to be a perfect test because we needed him to be clean and sparkly ~ you see he was getting a very special visitor, Bev, from Bright Futures Farm Equine Rescue and Sanctuary, was coming to see him. This was the rescue from which our horse had been adopted!

So here it went, we hooked up the eZall Foaming canister to the hose and away we went. The foam body wash was sprayed onto his freshly mudded coat. At first we thought, oh no, we should have rinsed as much of the mud off as we could have before starting with the foam, even though the directions say NOT to pre-wet the horse, but it was too late. He was now covered in wet mud, and topped off with the foam body wash. We removed the foaming canister and replaced it with the (included) sprayer nozzle. Now was going to be the true test - will all of this mud come off?? YES! It did! Wow were we impressed, as we sprayed his coat, all of that yucky mud simply rinsed away like magic! As our testers watched, all were convinced it wasn’t going to get him clean but it did! It was almost as if we wanted to say, “That was just too easy! Why had we not found this product before?” Better late than never, and we’re glad we have it now.

Our test was conducted with the eZall Green Bathing Kit. The kit included a foaming canister, a sprayer nozzle with 9 settings, and a bottle of eZall Green Body Wash. The new Green formula is a scented total body wash. The formula is an all natural, plant-based concentrate that is safe for your horse and the environment. The results are amazing. We were extremely impressed with this wash, which is why we can see eZall guarantees it. The kit also included a sample of eZall Shine and Detangler. After washing our horse we put a small amount of the detangler in his mane and tail, and as expected, they were smooth and silky. This was a definite added bonus!

The eZall Green Bathing Kit gets our highest recommendation - we’ve now stocked up on the body wash as it has become our favorite washing product… not to mention its fun to use the foaming tool, you’ll feel like your taking your horse through a car wash! LOL

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