Horse Tack Review


Technologically Advanced, Sensibly Priced Wide Track Composite Stirrups

English Horse Tack

Recently, a trend has been taking place - many riders have been trading in their traditional Fillis or jointed stirrup irons for one of the many new lightweight, wide track models. The Composite Reflex 3D Swivel Action Wide Track Stirrup Irons are an affordably priced option to this emerging trend.

Made of one of the toughest, hi-tech polymers produced by DuPontŪ, and weighing in at only 450 grams, they feature an integrated 3D swivel action tread which is positioned on a shock-absorbent layer. This alleviates tension on knees, ankles, and even your back. The wide tread allows you to assume a new level of security as well as distributes force across a wider area.

All this at a remarkably reasonable retail of just $37.95! Distributed exclusively by English Riding Supply in the USA.