Horse Tack Review

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TechNiche International Cooling Products Will Keep You Cool and Comfortable!

Horse Tack Review Staff

This may be a personal opinion but between 65 and 70 degrees is the perfect temperature for riding. The sun is shining but there is also a cool breeze to keep both you and your horse feeling cool and comfortable. Keeping that in mind I look back at the prior summers. 90, 95, reaching 100 degrees, add the humidity and that’s when you wish the horses could train themselves! Add in hay needs to be baled, pastures mowed, fences mended and the rest of the barn chores, I’m sweating just thinking about it. However, this is now a way you can keep yourself cool and comfortable for hours when you are out in the sun and heat!

Techniche International is the manufacturer of climate control products perfect for the equestrian enthusiast. We’ve tested a number of items we fell all riders need to add to their tack boxes!

Techniche Evaporative Cooling Vest – This is a must have for riding in the hat and humidity. We watch the amount of time we ride in hi temperatures for both the welfare of ourselves and our horses. Even when we are riding lightly in hot weather out body heats up faster and we are going to sweat more. This cooling vest gradually releases water to keep you cool for up to 10 hours! Imagine how much more comfortable a long day of training multiple horses will go with the advantage of this vest. It is thin and lightweight, so much so that you aren’t even aware you have added an additional layer to your body.

Skull Cap with Cooling Mesh – While are riders are female, we were able to offer these skull caps to some lucky men to test out. (OK, they stole them from us) The location of our field test was a boarding facility with a working farm. It was prime season for farm work so the guys were busy baling hay, tending to cattle and everything else you can possible imagine. To their surprise, like the vests, these caps stayed cool releasing moisture over several hours time, therefore keeping them cool as they continued to work throughout their days. Unfortunately, the riders were never able to test out the caps as the guys wouldn’t let us have them back!

Cooling Neck Band – Attention Coaches and Trainers… Listen Up! All of the times that you stand around the show grounds with a wet rag around your neck trying to keep yourself cool and all you ended up with was a really hot wet rag? Not to worry, this is a ‘cooling neck band’, come to think of it, any of you with hot flashes may one to pick one up too!

How to they work? Techniche has designed their products with a water management system created from a unique polymer embedded fabric that absorbs, stores and releases water within a multi-layer fabric. Prior to use, you simply submerge the fabric in water for 1-2 minutes, gently remove any excess. The garment remains hydrated for several hours and as it is evaporating, it is cooling your body, protecting against heat stress, and most important, it can be rehydrated at any time as needed.

If you have seen other cooling products in the past you have likely seen that the prices for vests to be over $100! Techniche vests are LESS than half that price! And they still work! Techniche makes products for horses and dogs too. Cooling blanket, neck cooler and cooling leg wraps are available for horses. There are a variety of cooling and heating products for dogs. Visit for more information and to order yours today!