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Koper Equine Easy On Rein Stops

Horse Tack Review Staff

Rein stoppers are a must have when riding with a running martingale. These are leather (or rubber) pieces that keep the martingale rings from sliding down and getting stuck on your horses bit, bit keepers, rein buckles, etc. We’ve actually even heard of rings getting caught on a horse’s wolf tooth! How horrible! In fact, most organizations even require stops when a running martingale is in use.

No longer do you need to think of rein stops as just a piece of safety equipment! Koper Equine has now made it possible to add a little color and BLING to even rein stoppers! Their innovative in their design in the Easy On Rein Stop. So easy to use you’ll want to switch up to match your mood, your attire, the list is endless.

With simply the twist of a screw you can change your rein stop in seconds. Our testers found these rein stops to be not only as durable and functional as our old stops, but much more exciting to use. While schooling we kept the traditional brown on our reins. Before and after each use we checked to make sure the stops were in perfect working order. Each time we were impressed as the stops had not ever loosened at all. The only time we had to tighten the stops was the first time they were installed!

When it came time for showing we opted for the hunter green color we were provided for testing. This was great simply because coincidently green happened to be the “color” of the jumper horse we were using for this review! The change up was a breeze. Simply unscrewed the prior rein stops to unfasten them and replaced the brown pair with the green pair. Again, this was as easy as screwing the new pair together to fasten them! You simply cannot beat the ease of use!

We were given several compliments around the show ring on the “added color” to our horse’s tack. Hopefully this is a good sign!

Horse Tack Review definitely gives the Easy On Rein Stops our praises for innovation and design. These would be a great stocking stuffer too! Visit to see more about the Easy On Rein Stops in 25 Colors, Metallic and even Jeweled Fasteners!

** Breaking News! Koper Equine just filled us in on this... they've lowered the price of the Easy-On Rein Stops to $19.95!! **