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A Solution to Sore Knees

Rider Supplies

ThinLine LLC a leading innovator in the tack industry, announces the release of its newest product, the RIDE RIGHT STIRRUP WRAP. This innovation addresses the common knee problem that leads to rider bowleggedness. The product combines the correct degree of ankle eversion with the ThinLine energy absorption technology. The result uses leverage placed on the tibia by the ankle to straighten the inside of the knee joint, take pressure off of the medial meniscus of the knee, and relax the tension on the lateral ligament of the knee. Previous efforts by others in this technology achieved little success because of too much ankle eversion and no energy absorptive surface, which allows normal circulation of fluid within the joints. Trail and endurance riders will enjoy less knee pain on long rides, while competitive riders like barrel racers will experience a more stable stirrup platform during turning.

The Ride Right Stirrup Wrap comes in a kit suitable for doing both stirrups. It consists of wedges to be applied to the stirrup floor surfaces, and laceable wraps to hold the wedges in place, provideing the energy absorbent surface. Extensive field testing has shown this system to be effective and reliable. Priced at $19.95 retail, these wraps provide an effective answer to a well known riders. Elaine Lockhead, ThinLine's president says “ we are excited to have in house the ability to study and address issues such as rider knee pain. We look forward to the development of similarly effective products in the future”.

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