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TechNiche International Active Warming Products

Horse Tack Review Staff

Oh the weather outside is frightful… but if you’ve prepared yourself by wearing Techniche Active Warming Gear, you’ll toasty warm and delightful! Last summer Techniche provided us with some of their Active Cooling products to test out and we were quite impressed, so we were very excited to test the warming gear this winter to see if they would stand the bitter cold weather our testers were going to deal with this year!

Techniche’s Warming Products offer two forms of technologies: Air Activated Heating and IonGear Battery Powered Electrical Heating. All items are made from their exclusive and oh so cozy ThermaFur material. The air activated heating works by combining natural elements to generate an exothermic reaction. The battery powered heating uses specifically designed lithium ion batteries and carbon filaments to generate heat throughout the garments.

Air Activated ThermaFur Fleece Vest - What can you say, how cozy is a soft fleece vest on a cold winter day? This vest is specifically designed to hold 8 TechNiche Heat Pax Body Warmers (4 in the front, 4 in the back) for up to 20 hours of total body comfort and warmth. On seriously cold days having this vest on kept our tester from having to return inside to keep thawing out. You may not even need the “up to 20 hours” and can suspend the heat packs by sealing them in an airtight bag at any time. This will prolong their use. We found this to be a nice option when needing them for only a few hours a day for cleaning stalls.

Air Activated ThermaFur Baseball Cap - A must have… period. Your mother didn’t remind you to put your hat on for nothing! This baseball hat features ear covers that can tuck back under the hat when not in use. The ear covers are also pockets for mini Heat Pax! Our tester found however that having Heat Pax on the head was somewhat overkill and made them too hot. The hat alone kept them warm enough. This hat is great for everywhere too - farm, ski slopes, running, biking, you name it. Remember, put your hat on!

Air Activated ThermaFur Ear Band for Baseball Hats - Have a trainer with a birthday coming up? This is the perfect gift! This is not made for the baseball cap above, this is like an ear band you would normally wrap around your head, but it has an opening for the brim of your baseball cap! AND it features pockets to slip in mini Heat Pax! This is great for riders because you can slip this over your riding helmet and you can fit the brim of your helmet through the front opening. Riding helmets are not the best at keeping your head warm in the winter, especially those made to be light and airy. This band will warm your head right up!

Air Activated ThermaFur Sport Gloves - Now that we’ve got your head warm, what’s next? Yes, your hands. There is nothing like cold hands. These gloves are waterproof, and feature palm and thumb grips for traction. They are snug to fit and with each holding 1 mini Heat Pax they keep the heat in and the cold out. Our tester was hesitant about these being durable since usually with comfortable gloves you usually have to sacrifice something. Nope, they held their own. Looks like those old nasty (cold) barn gloves will be hitting the trash now…

IonGear Battery Powered Heating Vest - Eh-uhm? Excuse me? Did you say this vest is battery powered and stays warm? Where do I sign up! Seriously, this is not a ploy; this vest does what is says it does. It is not a miracle vest. It is not going to make you feel like you are in a sauna. It will keep you warm and comfortable. After seeing our tester with this vest, another trainer jumped online and bought one too! A nice feature is that you can control the settings depending on the weather. This will also determine how long the charge will last. If it is really cold out and you have it on the highest setting, it will obviously be keeping you warmer; this will only keep the batteries powered for approximately 4 hours. However on a milder day, you can keep this vest going for up to 12 hours. Our tester was impressed, at first they were apprehensive that this was really going to work. But in the end, the opinion was this vest is very innovative and a very nice idea for riders. The medium setting was used the most when riding because in the cold weather we always start out cold, then begin to shed layers as we start to work. The tester would keep the setting at medium and felt this was a comfortable setting for mild training.

IonGear Battery Powered Heating Gloves - These are the go to gloves for doing barn work in zero temps for sure! The heating elements are integrated into the fabric therefore the entire hand is kept warm. We actually kept these in the tack room so that anyone who was around was able to use these at any time. They often went missing and were usually located in the cow barn up the road, absconded by the men. Need we say more? You know when the men steal something from the women it’s because it works better then something they have….

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