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Stirrup Leaders Join Forces

Press Release

The world’s leaders in stirrup technology have merged! E-Z UP Stirrup Extender and LegSaver Stirrup Swivels have merged their two companies based in the Western United States into a powerhouse of stirrup technology. They have also come on the market with a new product called the E-Z UP LegSaver.

Bill Mullenbach, the president of E-Z UP Stirrup Extender Company in Las Vegas, Nevada and Thad Beal, the President of LegSaver Stirrup Swivel Company in Lehi, Utah announced the merger of their two companies last week as the result of negotiations during the last few months. The merger talks were completed on horseback during a four day ride in the Rocky Mountains. Both companies occupy the leading spot in stirrup centered technology for the knowledgeable horse rider.

E-Z UP provides a stainless steel extender that drops the stirrup down three inches for ease and safety in mounting a horse. LegSaver produces a stirrup swivel that takes the pain out of leg and knees on horse rides by eliminating the twist of saddle fenders.

Both products are made in the United States using technology old west cowboys could never have dreamed about. The processes include computer controlled machining, anodizing, investment casting and stainless steel. These products have gained great respect from horse people in all phases of horsemanship from English to Western and from competition to pleasure riding. They have been tested to be outstanding by tough cowboys, outfitters and professionals. Word has spread of the quality and usefulness of these two products and they currently are the leaders in rider comfort and safety.

The merger introduces a marriage of the two products in the form of new patented technology called the E-Z UP LegSaver. This device lets a rider use the benefits of the three inch drop that E-Z Up gives along with the good feeling of having swivels on both stirrups.

Horse riders in a test market done in Utah, Nevada and Arizona were overwhelmingly positive about this new product. It not only helps them into the saddle easier but keeps them there in comfort for hours.

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