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Spursuader Spurs - Kinder, but Effective too? Yes!

Horse Tack Review Staff

We are all familiar with the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Whether referring to her eating the Bear’s porridge or trying to sleep in the Bear’s beds, Goldilocks was faced with too much, then not enough, before she found just right! The same can be said when faced with looking for training tools for particular horses. If you apply pressure with your leg on a horse he may say to you, “Humph, well that’s just simply not enough!” But the same horse, if you try using a crop or a ‘stabby’ spur, may also say “Yikes! That was way too much!” and proceed to skyrocket in flight and dump you!

This was definitely the case with a recent new addition to the Horse Tack Review test barn; an off-track thoroughbred gelding who hadn’t been ridden very much since coming off from racing two years ago. We were having difficulty with trying to get him to engage from behind and move in a well collected manner. He was constantly pulling on hit bit and dragging, and not carrying himself in a well rounded frame. We changed from an egg-butt bit to a corkscrew to help with the pulling but we were still not getting him to engage his hind end. He was very sensitive to leg pressure if not applied properly. Well, let me re-phrase that… he ignored leg pressure when it was applied properly. If you moved your leg back and applied pressure to try to tell him ‘come on bud’ he’d kick out, and on occasion, through in a buck, a lunge, or whatever else he wanted to do that particular day. Ok, let’s see, let’s try some spurs, and apply them in the right area? Yowsers! Won’t try that again, same with the crop. He was definitely telling us that there was something else he was going to need. We were going to need to find the happy medium he was going to be comfortable with.

Coincidently we had received a pair of Spursuader Spurs for testing, but not thinking, had sent them out to another tester to try. It was then that I was on the phone to have these spurs returned, maybe they were the answer? We would soon find out…

Spursuader Spurs are unlike any other spurs on the market today. They were created specially for sensitive horses, just like our thoroughbred, that reacted negatively to traditional spurs. The developer, Linda Hauck, wanted to develop a kinder, gentler spur that was no less effective than a traditional spur. We believe she has done just that.

Immediately after starting to use the Spursuader Spurs we noticed a difference with this horse. Applying pressure with these spurs was giving us the response we were looking for. He began to finally respond to our leg, moving forward with more impulsion, and more important - no overreaction! He stopped kicking out at our leg, and hasn’t lunged or bucked either. We’ve been able to get him into a beautiful frame, moving up into our hands and he’s finally working on the bit. Collection is a beautiful thing and we have the Spursuader Spurs to thank for it ~

After several months of using the Spursuader Spurs we have begun to wean off of riding with them. He has continued to respond to the rider’s leg even without the spurs. We did not want him to be a horse that always needed to be ridden with spurs, so using them during the training stages was simply perfect.

We would recommend the Spursuader Spurs to everyone, especially those riding green horses, OTTBs, or riders reluctant to wear spurs because they may be afraid of jabbing a horse and receiving a negative response. The Spursuader Spurs are very gentle and we feel even a new student would be able to use them and not receive an over-reaction. These spurs are truly a kinder, gentler spur, yet no less effective than traditional spurs, just as they claim!

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