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Summer Leg Protection

Horse Health

The most fortunate cowboys who use their horses as tools of their trade around a ranch have had horses that have won their hearts. Raymond Petterson knows. To his surprise some of those cowboys have called him to order socks for their horses. Owners and riders of every equine discipline are beginning to take notice of Summer Whinnys® and Whinny Warmers®.

Petterson created Whinny Warmers® as a way to offer warmth and comfort to his horse that suffered from arthritis, and he knew if he could find a way to warm her legs in the winter, he could relieve some of the pain she suffered. The socks changed that little mare’s life for the better.

So it wasn’t a big step for Petterson to create Summer Whinnys® for his horse. In the summer, he realized that every time his horse stomped her hoof to the ground to shake off flies, the percussion of that stomp caused pain in her arthritic legs. Released only last summer, the new Summer Whinnys® not only protect the legs from flies but also have improved wicking and antimicrobial properties because of the unique yarn they are made of. “I now have my yarns made specially for Summer Whinnys® by an American yarn spinning company that could take that yarn where I wanted to go.”

The wicking qualities of the yarn cause the socks to be cool on the legs. As with the Whinny Warmers®, there were also changes in the design that gives them tremendous stay-put power. “I think when you can remove the flies and surround the legs with a cool, clean environment, you have all the needed pieces for legs to heal, and you can give horses pest-free, and ‘stomp free’ days. Not long ago a customer told me that they had a horse would never put on weight in the summer. Once the horse started wearing Summer Whinnys® it gained weight, became active and happy. The horse is now teaching children how to ride again. You just never know how many ways these socks are going to help a horse.”

Summer Whinnys® and Whinny Warmers® are now improving the quality of life for horses in Australia, Ireland, England, Scotland, the Canary Islands, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Italy and now, with the addition of a Central European distributor, die Pferdesocke, headquartered in Switzerland, the socks are easily available to horse owners in Germany, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Luxembourg, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland and Belgium.

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