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Letter Perfect - Double Arena Notebook, and Single Arena Clipboard, and Two Sided Double

Horse Tack Review Staff - Lisa

Lisa reviews dressage arena boards from Letter Perfect

1. Double Arena Notebook

Initially, I like this product very much for its size and functionality with the notebook. The dry erase board is a good size, though I would prefer a single arena, rather than two. Calculator and pockets are a great touch. Can keep business cards and clients checks tucked away till later.

Great idea to help clients visualize their ride and test while they are mounted and I’m on the ground! If I saw it in a store I would purchase because of its multi functionality. I would love to see a hunter/jumper version!

Only changes I would make would be to attach a single arena board in the folder and maybe make it a bit longer. A big use for me is to draw out dressage tests while on the ground and show clients as they sit on their horses. It’s a little narrow and hard to see with two arenas.

Perhaps make it double sided by using Velcro to affix to folder…? Need something handy to help erase drawings and start over if you don’t have a paper towel handy!

Construction is very study. Hold up well to wind, rain and arena sand! I’m curious if it will lose its Dry erase lacquering like most boards in Florida heat and become difficult to erase.

Rate: 4

2. Single Arena Clipboard

Of the 3 products, this by far is the best size. Great visibility for mounted clients to see draw up versions of tests. Very light and easy to carry. Very simplistic compared to notebook version.

This would be better if melded with the notebook. With just the clipboard, now you need to keep a marker handy somehow and a way to clean off the board. No bells and whistles on this product.

Again, sturdy construction, quality adequate for a clipboard.

Rate: 2

3. Double Arena Board 4x8

I like that it is double sided, but that’s about it. I would use as a supplement to the notebook, but not on its own. Unless I was on a plane, and the movie was terrible, and I had a sudden urge to draw up free style tests, and all I could fit in my carry on was this tiny board.

It’s too small. Too small to see, and too big to hide in your breech pockets when not referencing.

Easier to use phone app.

Construction seems adequate.

Rate: 1

In summary, the best product in my opinion is the notebook. I would carry it everywhere. If I saw all three together, that’s the one I would purchase. I would like to see more options added to the notebook version. Perhaps a double sided arena board, or even a hunter/jumper arena board insert, maybe mini calendar insert.

For more information, please go to Letter Perfect Products

Editor's Note

Denise at Letter Perfect had these corrections to the review

1. The notebook can be purchased with a single arena board or a double arena board.

2. Same with the clipboard: It can be purchased with either a single or double arena board. And the boards can be purchased without a clip.

3. Finally, the double-sided board is comparable in size to Kelly boards, but are of higher quality materials (e.g., they won't bend and they don't leave "ghosts" behind when erased.) Kelly boards are popular with Pony Clubbers.

The full line of boards available can be found on the Letter Perfect store website. On the main website, just click on "Buy Dressage Boards" in the left menu column, or go directly to the store using this URL: Letter Perfect