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American-Flex Introduces Full-Carbon-Trees

Horse Tack Press Release

The American–Flex Saddle Company is proud to introduce a revolutionary change in saddle-tree-construction, from laminated wood to Full-Carbon-Trees! Again: FULL-CARBON-TREES! American-Flex is the only saddle-manufacturer in the world that has the know-how and technology to do this.

The new carbon-trees are made of the latest in carbon technology available. This exceptionally lightweight but incredibly strong material is resistant to the elements and is 60-80% lighter than traditional wood saddletrees. The C.F.P. (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) has been used within the automotive industry for the past four years. Such elite sports cars such as the Ferrari-Enzo, Porsche, GT Maserati and Dodge Viper, among others use the C.F.P. material for the products exceptional strength, high heat tolerances and lightweight properties. C.F.P.’s are also used within the aeronautic-space technologies, as well as, the medical field for use in orthopedic parts. In relation to weight C.F.P. is seven times stronger that other alloys, such as titan. Clearly, saddle making today is not the same as our forefathers, but has truly come into the 21st century, thanks to the age of computer technology and the dedication of educated persons who pursue a higher level of awareness in form, function and the communication between man and animal.

American-Flex saddles are not only sold in the United States of America (contact:, but in the following countries as well: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Great Britain, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Middle East, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland. Inquires can be made by emailing:

American-Flex, the only saddle maker who creates real innovations!