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AQHA Board of Directors Voted on Key Rule Changes at Convention

Press Release

March 11, 2004 - The American Quarter Horse Association Board of Directors voted last Tuesday afternoon on the recommendations of the AQHA standing committees as approved in the general membership meeting. The following is the final results of the vote regarding hyperkalemic periodic paralysis and the white rule. For complete results of board actions, please read the May issue of The American Quarter Horse Journal.


The board voted that foals of 2007 and later tracing to the stallion Impressive be required to be parentage verified and, in addition, tested for hyperkalemic periodic paralysis subject to the guidelines in rule 205 (c) (1). In addition, foals of 2007 and later testing homozygous positive for HYPP (H/H) will not be eligible for registration with AQHA. The board also supported a recommendation made by the AQHA Executive Committee to commence an education and awareness campaign informing the membership of the effects of HYPP.


The board voted to delete rule 227 (c) as it applies to the numbered and appendix registries, but to require any horse with white over the current limits to be parentage verified.

The board did amend the stud book and registration committee's original recommendation by adding the following wording as rule 205 (d): "Breeders should be aware that the American Quarter Horse, while long recognized, identified and promoted as a solid-colored horse, can and does occasionally produce offspring with overo paint characteristics. Such markings are uncharacteristic of the breed and are considered to be undesirable traits."

"AQHA is currently working on computer programming and procedures with plans to complete the process by May 1." said AQHA Executive Director of Registration Gary Griffith. "Members can watch this site for updates and information concerning horses that might be affected by this rule change."


During the annual convention, year-end high-point and all-around winners were recognized during the AQHA Awards Banquet on Saturday night, March 6.

Six men, one woman and four horses were inducted into the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame during an emotional ceremony on Sunday, March 7. Those inducted include legends BABY DOLL COMBS, THE INVESTER, COLONEL FRECKLES and RONAS RYON. People inducted into the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame were Bert Wood, Bud Alderson, Buster Welch, Jack Brooks, Mildred Janowitz, Rob Brown, and Don Burt.

Two AQHA Legacy Awards were presented to the family of Jay Parsons and Kleinpeter Quarter Horses for breeding American Quarter Horses for 50 consecutive years.

Cliff Keesee was named 2003 Merle Wood Humanitarian.