Horse Tack Review

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Rein-Aid elastic reins for a soft connection

Horse Tack - English Tack

Rein-aid Productions offer a variety of products that contain elastic to soften the connection between horse and rider. Leather backing always limits the stretch of elastic allowing the rider normal control but with a softer feel.

The Bridging Effect - The elastic bridges the connection between the horse's mouth and the rider's hand. The 'give' in the rein encourages relaxation, softening and accepting of the bit.


Rein-Aid® inserts easily attach to your current bridle and promote the feeling of an elastic, following contact. Rein-Aid® encourages horses to relax, accept the bit and round through their topline. A leather loop limits the stretch of elastic for precision and safety. Rein-Aid® teaches the rider the feeling of soft hands without changing their ability to control the horse.

The Rein-Aid® insert buckles to the bit and the reins buckle to a ring on the Rein-Aid® as shown in the photo (above). Riders should tie a knot in the bight (end) of their reins if the reins become excessively long and shorter reins are not available. The Elasto-Rein® eliminates this problem as the elastic and loop are built directly into the reins.

Rein-Aid® in Training...

All riders, no matter what discipline they ride, seek harmony with their horse (this is where riding seems really easy). This requires a balanced seat, the ability to follow the motion of the horse, tact, and independence of the aids. Any stiffness in the rider will result in a lack of harmony.

Stiffness in the riders arms and hands will cause the horse to become tense, hollow, rigid or downright disobedient. This situation is common and an elastic contact allows the horse to relax and trust the bit.

Rein-Aid® helps the horse ‘forgive’ mistakes made by the less than perfect rider. Not only is this better for the horse, but it keeps him willing and easier to ride. Because the horse is rounder and softer with an elastic contact, the rider can focus on ‘feel’, position, timing, etc. As the skill level grows, so does the horse’s trust in the rider and the wonderful feeling of harmony can be achieved.

Professionals are reaching for the Rein-Aid® to reschool their sensitive horses that are ‘afraid’ of the rider’s hand. For these horses, obtaining a contact is very difficult, they simply are not willing to ‘hold hands with the rider’. The slight give in the rein alleviates their fear of being trapped. Also extensively used for horses that are stiff or locked in the jaw, Rein-Aid® encourages the horse to chew gently on the bit (creating that saliva we love to see) and soften through their topline. All this is achieved in a compassionate, safe manner without the need for training aids that artificially force the head down.

If you wish to compete with the advantages of Rein-Aid®, you will need to order the Elasto-Rein® as the Rein-Aid® insert is not considered legal equipment for most competitions.

Elasto-Rein ® has all the advantages of Rein-Aid® built into a traditional rein. The elastic is sewn into the rein and the rein loops to allow the elastic to stretch. As with the Rein-Aid® inserts, control is not compromised as the loop of rein limits the stretch of elastic. Elastic color matches the leather for a discreet, effective rein with a classical appearance. Rein-Aid® Productions, the makers of Rein-Aid® elastic inserts, has introduced Elasto-Rein® in response to customer demand. This is a whole rein available in many styles, with the elastic control loop (as seen in the Rein-Aid® inserts) built discreetly into the rein.

Elasto-Rein® is used by trainers to educate young or difficult horses to accept the bit, and to teach riders the "feel" of a soft elastic contact with the horses mouth. Made in the USA and show quality, Elasto-Rein® has the correct amount of stretch which allows the horse to respond to the bit softly and without resistance. Leather backing alongside the elastic limits stretch and facilitates Half-Halts for safety and control.

Elasto-Rein® is a compassionate aid that improves the quality of contact necessary for competitive performances in a variety of disciplines. They are legal for USAE/USDF Dressage, Showhunters, Jumpers and the jumping phases of Eventing (at this time they are not legal for the dressage phase of eventing). Elasto-Rein® is also commonly used to improve the horses comfort during Endurance/Trail rides, Barrel racing, Roping and Foxhunting.