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Get Smart! Get Smartpak!

Product Spotlight

At last, giving your horse the care he deserves is easy and affordable! SmartPaks are fully customized. Each one contains a day's dose of your horse's supplements and pharmaceuticals. just peel off the lid and top dressthe grain. That's it. No scooping. No baggies. No buckets. When feeding is this easy, you'll know your horse is getting what he needs each and every day.

What is SmartPak?


The Right Supplement, The Right Dose Inconsistent administration of equine supplements can dramatically lessen their effectiveness. SmartPaks simplify supplement administration, ensuring your horse gets the right supplement and dose at each and every feeding, even if you rely on others to feed your horse.

Proper administration of loading or initial doses can be complicated. Not with SmartPak. If you indicate a loading dose we automatically follow the manufacturer's prescribed regime.


Maintaining the correct dosing schedule is critical for many supplements. For daily supplements, like daily wormers, the SmartPaks ability to deliver consistent dosing ensures prevention of parasite infestation. For periodically administered supplements, like sand colic preventers, SmartPaks come loaded with the manufacturer's prescribed regimen, so you don't need to remember when to feed them.


Leading National Brands We know you are as picky as we are when it comes to what goes into your horses' mouth. At SmartPak Equine we carry premium national brands with solid reputations. Manufacturers that back their products up with nutritional science. Each product has a detailed information page - a comprehensive summary that allows you to compare products and make the right choice for your horse. In addition, we include manufacturer's help line phone numbers and web links to help you get all the facts you need. If you would like to suggest a unique product for inclusion, please contact us.

Superior Packaging

Each SmartPak is a multi-compartment container that holds from 1 up to 7 different supplements for one feeding. This patent pending packaging was developed in consultation with barn managers, competitive riders, trainers, and veterinarians as well as plastics engineers and supplement manufacturers. Our goal was to create packaging compatible with existing feeding practices and easy to use, while ensuring freshness and potency. Our containers are made from recycled material, and are widely recyclable for minimal environmental impact. Your order arrives in our convenient dispenser individually labeled with your name, your horse's name and the supplements contained in each SmartPak.

Highest Potency

Picking the right product won't do your horse much good if you don't store it properly. More often than not, bulk supplement tubs, pails, or bags are not fully resealed after each use. Some are even left uncapped, exposing them to the harmful effects of oxygen and moisture. Each daily SmartPak is sealed with a foil/polymer lid that protects from such loss of potency. And with SmartPaks you know your supplements have been protected from other potential contaminants found in the barn environment like mold, dust and vermin.

And because some supplements can react with others, SmartPaks are designed with separate compartments for each supplement to protect against potential cross-reactions.

Delivered Fresh every 4 weeks We buy our supplements straight from the manufacturer and ship you fresh supplements every 4 weeks, providing you with the ultimate in freshness and potency.


Entire lid peels off in one easy step! No need to wrestle with those pail openers! Using the SmartPak couldn't be easier, thanks to our easy to use foil lid. Simply pull a SmartPak out of the dispenser, peel off the lid and empty the supplements onto your horses' grain.

Comparison Shop

Ever tried to compare price per dose across supplements? It's time consuming and in some cases impossible even with a calculator. We clearly list the cost per month for every supplement. Ordering online at offers the opportunity to comparison shop supplements like you never have before. Click on a category and instantly compare the price for every supplement's monthly maintenance dosage. For more in depth information, click on the supplement's name to find ingredients, guaranteed analysis, recommended dosages and a more detailed description of the supplement's applications.

Automatic Delivery

Our automatic delivery feature means that you only need to order once. From then on, every 4 weeks your SmartPaks will be shipped to your barn or home (or wherever you indicate). There is no need for you to do anything unless you want to change your standing order, which is easily done on our website, any time, day or night. There is no minimum time commitment -- ever. Our goal is to make this so easy that you would never dream of going back to the old way.

Never Run Out

Before SmartPaks, making sure you didn't run out of supplements was a hassle for horse owners and barn managers. The barn staff had to calculate how many days you had left, as well as remember to notify you with enough time so that you could replenish your supply. The horse owner had to order well in advance through the mail or make aggravating unplanned trips to the tack shop, with no guarantees that the product would be available.

With SmartPak, your order will be shipped to you automatically every 4 weeks, with automatic e-mail confirmation of the details of your order.