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Horse Tack - Grooming Products

The most discerning Horsewoman knows that optimal appearance and the winning edge come from meticulous preparation and use of top-quality Santa Fe Grooming products. The Santa Fe line was specially formulated by hair care professionals and top groomers to out-shine, out-clean, and out-perform all other grooming products on the market.

Santa Fe™ Daily Clarifying Shampoo

Removes surface build-up, including residue of repellents and polishes.
Revitalizes the natural oils in the hair and coat.
Rinses away quickly to leave hair healthy and shiny.
Enriched with Vitamin E.

Santa Fe™ Coat Conditioner

Enriched with silk proteins to revitalize coat, mane, and tail.
Formulated with Vitamin E and Panthenol to promote silky-softness.
SPF 8 provides long-lasting protection from the sun.
Saddle-area safe.
Actively repels dust and dirt.

Santa Fe™ Instant Detangler

Formulated with shine-enhancers for a high-gloss finish.
Eliminates fly-aways and leaves hair braidable and band-able.
Moisturizes with Vitamin E.
In field tests, Santa Fe Detangler outperformed Cowboy Magic®* and Silverado Detangler™** in combability and shine.

Santa Fe™ All Natural Highlighter

Accentuates the eyes, ears, muzzle, and muscle areas.
Provides an ultra-gloss shine.
Safe for sensitive areas. Does not clog pores.
Contains no petroleum or mineral oils.
Repels dirt and dust.