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Dressage from Rio Vista

People Grooming Product Spotlight!

Ever wish you looked as good as your horse when you leave the barn? Dressage is the first hair and skin care line designed just for horsewomen. Rio Vista Products has introduced Dressage; the first hair and skin care product line designed specifically for horse women who wish their own hair was as shiny, nails as strong and skin as soft as their horses.

Designed for horse women who spend more time thinking about riding and caring for their horses than they do worrying about themselves and the effects of dust, wind, sun and sweat; Dressage Products understand the sacrifices a horse woman makes for her passion and provide an answer to their chapped skin, cracked heels, ragged nails and dry hair.

“When our Rio Vista customers started

asking for products made just for them, I took the challenge,” says creator Rose Marie Towle, Nexxus Company co-founder. “After years of working with Jheri Redding, I wanted to use my expertise to produce effective products made just for women, created by a woman.”

The Dressage line includes a Hair Wash, Hair Conditioner, Oatmeal Foam Bath and Manicure Cream. Made with natural ingredients and powerful botanicals, the Dressage line is pH balanced so horse women can enjoy their soothing, moisturizing effects daily.

Purchase Dressage Products separately or as a complete hair and skin care set. Visit their website at . For more information contact: Dressage Products, a division of Rio Vista Products, 520 S. Farnel Road, Santa Maria, CA 93458. Tel: (805) 352-1373 or Fax: (805) 352-1349.