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Bates Caprilli Dressage Saddle

Horse Tack - Dressage Saddles

The Bates name is synonymous with quality and beauty. Over the years, Bates Saddlery has grown to become one of the most respected manufacturers of saddles in the world. The Bates Caprilli Dressage Saddle is a classically designed dressage saddle offering excellent support for the rider's sitting position.

Exclusive Features:

Well Balanced Seat - Caprilli seat is narrow in the waist and wide in the sitting area to balance the rider comfortably.

Soft Knee Insert - Helps support and cushion the riderís knee and lower leg.

High Tech Seat Foam - High Tech seat foams provide maximum comfort by absorbing shock and wonít ride down, flatten or harden like other seat foams or light weight gels.

Adjustable Flexibloc System - Enables rider to individually tailor their thigh and knee support.

CAIR Panel - Saddle panel is thinner than traditionally stuffed panels.

Uniquely Positioned Stirrup Bars - Positioned further back than the standard bar to effortlessly balance rider in ear, shoulder, hip and heel alignment.

Adjustable Y-Girthing System - Y-girthing system secures the front and back of the saddle.

Bates Features:

CAIR Panel System - Revolutionary new air panel system that evenly distributes weight across the entire length of the panel, virtually eliminating pressure points. CAIR air panels fluidly adjust with the horseís muscle movement.

Easy Change Gullet System - Allows on-the-spot adjusting of the saddle to fit correctly over the horse's wither. Allows the saddle to be fitted to suit the horse's changing shape.

Luxurious Hand Selected Leathers - This saddle is crafted using the finest hand selected leathers from Southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland. All hides are specially tanned to be highly resistant to sweat and to be soft and supple for horse and rider comfort.

Chrome Tanned Prestretched Leather Points - Prestretched for longer durability. Heavily waxed to seal the leather from water or moisture.

Lifetime Guarantee on Bates Tree - Bates Trees are guaranteed for the lifetime of the saddle.

About Bates Saddlery

Bates Saddlery was formed in 1934 when Mr George Bates borrowed $100 from his sister, bought a sewing machine and began to make saddles on the verandah of his home in Perth, Western Australia. From these humble beginnings, Bates Saddlery has grown to become one of the most respected manufacturers of racing and riding saddles in the world.

From inception, the aim of George Bates was to produce high quality saddles for a variety of equestrian uses; and over the decades the company has remained true to its founder's vision.

Today the company, renamed Bates Australia, is run by one of the founder's grandsons, Ron Bates, with another grandson, Ken Bates, being responsible for research and development. Under Ron's leadership and Ken's development the company has broken new ground in saddle manufacturing technology using new, man-made materials.

Their innovative approach culminated in the worldwide release of the Wintec range of saddles in 1986. Wintec was the first saddle to be manufactured from high-tech synthetic materials. It was accepted enthusiastically by riders at all levels, including Olympians.

The excellence of the Wintec range was demonstrated during the 1992 Olympics, when Isabell Werth rode a Wintec saddle in the gold medal-winning German Dressage team.

Bates Australia, has an on-going research and development programme, applying the latest advances in synthetic materials technology to upgrade its products. As a result, the Wintec range is continually being refined and enhanced to deliver ever improved durability, comfort and value for money. Through this approach the company has earned the reputation as an innovative company and has won a number of prestigious export and design awards. The success of the Wintec brand has made Bates Australia the biggest volume seller of saddles under one brand name in the world.

Bates Australia distribute their products through wholesalers located in 15 countries world-wide.