Horse Tack Review

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Horse Tack Organization: Get HOSS from The Organized Barn!

Horse Tack - Tack Room Supplies

Spring is here and it's time to clean out the barn and tack rooms. If you are like many of us, it stays nice and neat for a while, but get real... We don't have time to keep it that way! Now you can! Get your Horse Tack Room, Barn or Trailer organized and KEEP IT THAT WAY with The HOSS! The HOSS (Handy Organizing & Storage Solutions) panels are easy to install, sturdy, coated wire panels comprised of 3" square openings. Hang HOSS brackets on any wall then hang baskets, bins, shelves, hooks, and hangers. Use any combination of the HOSS containers to store barn equipment such as brooms, shovels, rakes up off the floor and in easy reach. In the same way, organize your tack room, feed room, wash rack, grooming area, horse trailer dressing room, home office, garage, even the kid's room!


End having to dust solid shelves.
End moving stuff over and over to sweep floors or get to that rake in the corner.
End having to rummage through tack trunks or piles of supplies searching for buried items.

Display all your equipment and necessary items in plain sight, easy to reach, right in front of you. All HOSS storage containers are removable and small enough to carry anywhere. Even the HOSS panel itself is removable.

Each HOSS panel is made out of sturdy coated wire, built to last, built to take abuse. The convenient accessories can be hung anywhere on the HOSS and are completely interchangeable.

You can easily remove the baskets, bins, and hangers from the HOSS, take them with you wherever you go, and position them right where you need them.

The HOSS can be customized to meet your EXACT needs today, installs in minutes with just a drill and sturdy screws, and is totally adaptable to your changing needs in the future.

Install a HOSS in your trailer, tackroom, barn aisle, washrack, feedroom, in the garage, even the kid's room!

Keep everything off the floor and neatly organized within reach for the smallest person to the tallest with a HOSS.

And coming soon... Single door & double door Saddle Lockers (photgraphed above) with a HOSS inside!

Visit The Organized Barn and Trailer online at Call, email, or write them for a free consultation. Give them your room or wall space dimensions, what you need to store, and they'll provide suggestions and options that are available, helping you design the system to best suit your needs.