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Press Release

(Fort Worth, TX) – The National Cutting Horse Association is proud to announce an addition to its select group of official sponsors. EQ Solutions and the National Cutting Horse Association are looking forward to becoming successful partners over the next three years under an agreement announced today. EQ Solutions will become an “Official sponsor” of the NCHA and proudly award NCHA members with product.

The three-year agreement includes numerous benefits to both NCHA and EQ Solutions. Members will have the opportunity to be awarded EQ Solutions products at NCHA-approved shows across the country, while EQ Solutions will be linked with one of the premiere equine associations in the country with a full array of marketing strategies.

“We are really excited about EQ’s involvement,” said Clay Murray, Director of Marketing and Media. “This is an opportunity for EQ to bring a new awareness to their relationship with cutting horse competitors. EQ has been supplying NCHA memberships with their state-of-the-art products for several years… their participation stems from the overwhelming support from the cutting industry and their desire to develop relationships with all levels of competition.

EQ Solutions are specially formulated all-natural horse products that are completely Non-Toxic and Readily Biodegrade in less than 28 days. Derived from plant esters, the product is attracted to soils comprised of proteins, sugars and fats which accumulate on the skin/coat as well as your equipment and simply releases them from the surface allowing them to dissolve in the rinse water. The products rinse completely leaving a clean, soft, shining coat. No more soapy/sticky residue normally associated with salt or petroleum based shampoos which can cause dry flaky skin.

The National Cutting Horse Association is made up of 15,000 members across the United States with a wide variety of backgrounds. The sport of cutting has roots in Western ranching traditions, where good horses were a necessity for everyday ranch work and cattle handling. From cowgirls to CEOs, from firefighters to professional football players, the common ground is often in the cutting arena. Each year more than 1,400 NCHA-approved events are held throughout the country with more than $28 million in prize money awarded.

To learn more about the National Cutting Horse Association and the sport of cutting, call 817-244-6188 or log on to