Horse Tack Review

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Horse Tack Product Spotlight

Peter DeCosemo describes the motivation and research behind The Ansür Saddlery Deluxe Support System... "Over four years on, and three thousand saddles later, I did feel that our line was complete. However, a quiet reoccurring comment and request from riders was for even more support and assistance with holding their position and posture, especially on big moving horses, flighty and spooky horses, and just a little more back -up for the timid amateur."

"The challenge was for myself and the design team here at Ansür Saddlery to put together a workable, flexible package that was also optional as not all riders would require this. The biggest challenge was to develop a system that had all of these features but with of course absolutely NO RIGIDITY."

Deluxe Support System Construction

The pictures (above) show the three components that can be added to a saddle at the start of production, but most importantly can be added (retrofit) to your present saddle. All the parts are already assembled and prepared, awaiting the arrival of your saddle to our shop. So that you are not without your saddles for any length of time we guarantee a retrofit and turn around in twenty four hours, providing your saddle arrives on a business day.

Showing two parts of the three part system (top left photo) - 1. Adjustable rear thigh support block. 2. Deep, plush soft and flexible front thigh/knee support

The ultra soft, flexible knee roll provides better trauma absorption. (top right photo)

You can adjust the angle of the components to go with the natural flow of your leg. (bottom left photo)

The Third Part, on the underside of the saddle (bottom right photo) - Ultra soft, contoured, underside, detachable shoulder column. This is especially useful for narrow shouldered and more 'slab sided' horses. It allows the flap and knee support to roll out in a soft and natural way to the riders knee and thigh.

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